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[e][h] YellOw
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Hong Jin-Ho
October 31, 1982 (1982-10-31) (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
YellOw, [NC]..YellOw
Storm Zerg
KTF MagicNs, Ideal Space, SlayerS (honorary)

Hong "YellOw" Jin-Ho is a retired South Korean StarCraft progamer,[1] who was introduced into StarCraft II, with a possibility of becoming a StarCraft II progamer.[2] He later became a coach for the League of Legends team Xenics Storm.[3]


Born on October 31, 1982, Hong Jin Ho was one of the top Zerg players in the world from 2000-2005, playing primarily for the team KTF MagicNs. Known as the "Storm Zerg" for his aggressive style and holding one of the strongest ZvT matchups of all time, he formed strong rivalries with BoxeR and NaDa over his long career. He is listed as 30-33 against BoxeR and 20-25 vs NaDa in the TLPD.

Still a fan favorite, he served at the South Korean army as captain of Air Force ACE from 2008 to 2010. Right before the New Year of 2011, on Dec 30th 2010, he was discharged and thus left the team of Air Force ACE. Not long after this he returned to KT Rolster.

Retirement from Brood War[edit]

In June, 2011, YellOw annonced his retirement on his fancafé.[1]

On June 25, YellOw received a very moving retirement ceremony, right before the round 6 match between KT and WeMade. Among the attendees who came to bid him farewell were BoxeR, NaDa and ChRh. YellOw received an honorary Golden Mouse from his team KT Rolster, while BoxeR gave him a copy of Wings of Liberty. Singer Park Wan Gyu got on stage and performed a song for YellOw, while a video montage played on the screen behind them.[4][5] YellOw played his farewell game in game 2 vs Midas, but ultimately lost.[6]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

He began his StarCraft II career with a three-match show match series against BoxeR on August 5, 2011. As it was the first time the two famous Brood War rivals had met in StarCraft II, the event, held at Haeundae Beach in Busan and presented by GOMTV, was named "Lim Jin Rok Returns: StarCraft II Superstar Challenge", citing the old name for the rivalry. He won the second game before BoxeR won Game 3 for a 2-1 overall win but also revealed he was on a much lower skill level as he said he had only been playing StarCraft II for a month and had merely reached Gold League on the Korean server.[7] During the series, BoxeR was doing unorthodox strategies (including a Game 1 bunker train, reminding many of their semifinal match in the EVER 2004 OSL where BoxeR had won 3-0 with three consecutive bunker rushes) to give YellOw a better chance, and the viewers better games.[8][9]

On August 9, it was announced that YellOw would be participation in what is called 'Project A', a new GOMTV show, where he would be trained for Code A. (The show would also feature BoxeR, Jessica and NesTea among others.)[2] On the same day it was announced that YellOw would be managed by SlayerS`Jessica in order to advance his StarCraft II professional career.

Henceforth, Jessica will be in charge of YellOw's professional life with team relations/establishment, broadcast participation and all other activities under her management. YellOw will be concentrating on improving his Starcraft 2 skills with Jessica and SlayerS to the level of current professionals.[10]

However, he did not join SlayerS as an official member but merely as an honorary one.

YellOw attempted to qualify for Code A in GSL October, as followed by the documentary Project A, but was defeated in the quarterfinals.


Project A announcement picture.
  • At the time of the Lim Jin Rok Returns: StarCraft II Superstar Challenge, he was Gold on the South Korean region server.[7]
  • Hates being bunker rushed because of the EVER 2004 OSL semifinal against BoxeR where he was beaten 3-0 with three straight bunker rushes.
  • Featured by GomTV in a documentary series called "Project A" documenting YellOw's switch to StarCraft II and trying to qualify for Code A of GSL October.[11] This series is reminiscent of Brood War's Old Boy Series and Hyungjun Becomes a Progamer series.
  • Is the champion of the first season of Korean gaming reality show The Genius and returned for Season 2 with BoxeR.
  • Appeared with BoxeR in a sketch featuring the fictional MMORPG "Counter Strike 2: Imjin War" for the Korean edition of Saturday Night Live.[12]


Date Event Result
2011-08-05 Lim Jin Rok Returns: StarCraft 2 Superstar Challenge  YellOw 1 : 2  BoxeR

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