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Agility is a hero attribute, that increases the armor and the attack speed of the hero.


  • Increases base attack damage by 1, if agility is the primary attribute
Note: increased base attack damage results in more bonus damage from percentage damage increase
  • Increases armor by 0.3
Note: the in game text saying every 3 points of agility increase armor by one, is only a rounded value
Note: even though the game only displays integer armor values, the damage reduction is calculated with the real value
  • Increases attack speed by 0.02%

Agility Heroes[edit]

The agility heroes, defined by having agility as their primary attribute, are

Hero Primary Attribute Abilities
Blademaster Blademaster Agility Critical Strike Bladestorm Wind Walk Mirror Image 
Dark Ranger Dark Ranger Agility Life Drain Charm Silence Black Arrow 
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Agility Evasion Metamorphosis Mana Burn Immolation 
Firelord Firelord Agility Incinerate Volcano Soul Burn Summon Lava Spawn 
Priestesses of the Moon Priestess of the Moon Agility Trueshot Aura Starfall Scout Searing Arrows 
Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunter Agility Serpent Ward Big Bad Voodoo Healing Wave Hex 
Warden Warden Agility Shadow Strike Vengeance Fan of Knives Blink 


  • Starting agility of the hero
  • Agility bonus per level
  • Tomes of Agility
  • Certain items

Strength Items[edit]


  • Ranged agility heroes except the Firelord have the lowest attack damage per second
  • Blademaster and Demon Hunter have the highest attack damage per second
For more information read: Hero DPS Table
  • Most agility heroes would be better, if they were no agility heroes