Bulgarian Offline Tournaments Rankings

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In Bulgaria, a series of offline Warcraft III tournaments will take place between 2016 and 2018. This list rates the players that took part in any of the tournaments based on the following scoring system:

Scoring System[edit]

The ratings use the following standards:

  • 10 points - for winning a tournament.
  • 6 points - for second place.
  • 4 points - for third place.
  • 3.5 points - for semifinal (when no match for the 3rd place has been played).
  • 3 points - for fourth place.
  • 2 points - for quarterfinal.
  • 1 point - for less than a quarter final or group stage.
  • Only players that have reached at least quarterfinal in at least one tournament are included.
  • If two players have equal points, the first tie-breaker is who has achieved them with lesser tournament participations.
  • If two players have equal points, the second tie-breaker is who has achieved them first.


The results are up-to-date as of 12 March 2017.

Player Total Score King of the Frozen Throne Game Evolution 2016 Let's Play Spring 2017 Team
Bulgaria  Shocker 21 Round of 64 1st Place 1st Place N/A
Bulgaria  Yo 17 1st Place Group Stage 2nd Place N/A
Bulgaria  Lubber 10.5 Round of 32 2nd Place Semifinal
Bulgaria  Patzko0 7 2nd Place N/A Round of 16 N/A
Bulgaria  LeX 6.5 Round of 16 Quarterfinal Semifinal Run Bi7ch Run
Bulgaria  Leader 5 N/A 4th Place Quarterfinal Run Bi7ch Run
Bulgaria  Migopa 4 3rd Place N/A N/A N/A
Serbia  AtheistP 4 N/A 3rd Place N/A Real Life Buddies
Bulgaria  3gpaBko 4 Quarterfinal N/A Quarterfinal Run Bi7ch Run
Bulgaria  J4ankos 4 Round of 64 Quarterfinal Round of 32 N/A
Bulgaria  Krypt0nit3 4 Round of 64 Quarterfinal Round of 16 N/A
Bulgaria  Shorty 3 4th Place N/A N/A Run Bi7ch Run
Bulgaria  MicroAway 3 Quarterfinal N/A Round of 16 N/A
Bulgaria  Star21 3 Round of 64 Quarterfinal N/A N/A
Bulgaria  WhatCanUDDo 3 Round of 64 N/A Quarterfinal Kings Light Players
Bulgaria  XoZ_Magadansky 2 Quarterfinal N/A N/A N/A
Bulgaria  TyW1n 2 Quarterfinal N/A N/A N/A
Bulgaria  SworD 2 N/A N/A Quarterfinal N/A