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Никита Помадов
Romanized Name:
Nikita Pomadov
May 16, 1988 (1988-05-16) (age 29)
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Nikita "Nicker" Pomadov is a Night Elf player from Russia.


My name is Nikita “nicker” Pomadov, I was born in summer '86 in the city of Perm, Russia. I have been fascinated by foreign languages since my early childhood, thus I took intensive English program at the elementary school. By that time, English was like a secret language for computer games, music and movies, so I had a good grasp of it.

Since 2007 I started my professional gaming career in Warcraft 3 (RTS video game). From 2007 to 2011 I took part in many eSports tournaments around the world. From 2011, most of these competitions were held in China, so I decided to move there.

As soon as I got to China, I realized that it's a new Land of Opportunity, so I started learning Chinese by myself. After winning some money at one of the tournaments, I decided to seize the opportunity and enrolled in a half-year Chinese language courses at Shanghai International Studies University. After completing the semester, I received Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship for undergraduate students. In 2016, I graduated with honours from SISU, bachelor in Chinese language (Business oriented).

Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". I believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. Every time I have to deal with different types of businesses, so my work never becomes routine. (c)



Date Place Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2014-12-21 A33rd A1Premier World GameMaster Tournament 2014 2 : 0 China Zhou_Xixi $1,250
2014-09-07 A55 - 8th A1Premier World E-sport Championships 2014 1 : 2 South Korea  ReprisaL $814
2014-04-29 A55 - 8th A1Premier International e-Sport Tournament 2014 $798.81
2014-01-05 A22nd A2Major Jingdong WarCraft III Cup 0 : 2 China  Infi $2,478
2012-01-08 A22nd A1Premier G-League 2011 Season 3 1 : 3 China  Infi $3,144.46
2010-08-18 A22nd A1Premier ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 1 : 3 $1,290
2010-07-24 A22nd A3Minor World Cyber Games 2010 Russian Preliminaries 0 : 2 Russia  Happy $1,000
2010-05-30 A11st A3Minor Electronic Sports World Cup 2010 Russia 2 : 1 Russia  Verdi $1,000
2009-06-28 A33rd A2Major BlizzCon 2009 Europe Regional Finals 0 : 2 Netherlands  Grubby $1,000
2008-09-14 A44th A3Minor World Cyber Games 2008 Russian Preliminaries 0 : 2 Russia  Sting $600
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