Patch 1.25b

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[e][h]Patch 1.25b
Patch Information
Release Date:


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to ally with opponents when alliances were locked ("share hack").
  • A gold exploit with buildings has been fixed.
  • Widescreen (stretched) resolutions should now be available in the Video options.
  • Scroll of Town Portal will no longer be consumed when casting fails when used at the same time that your Hero is Hexed.
  • You can now purchase items from shops while Hexed.
  • Hex will no longer extend the duration of Metamorphosis.
  • Hex will no longer disable mana or health regeneration of Heroes.
  • Wisps Detonate ability will no longer drain mana from Heroes while under the effects of Potion of Invulnerability.
  • Warcraft III will now write its registry keys on launch.

Balance Changes[edit]


Nerf Improved Masonry Upgrade health boost decreased from 20% to 10% for all 3 levels
Nerf Siege Engine Level increased from 2 to 3
Buff Rifleman HP increased from 505 to 535


Night Elves[edit]