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[e][h]Vietnam LegendsVietnam Legends ACCM
Player Information
Huy Hoang
(1989-09-28) September 28, 1989 (age 33)
Years Active:
2005 - Present
Total Earnings:
RM Elo (Voobly AoE II):
2550 (highest)
Tournament Elo
(AoE II):
2016-06-20 — Present

Huy "ACCM" Hoang (born September 28, 1989) is a Vietnamese Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV player who is currently playing for Vietnam Legends.


Age of Empires IV[edit]

ACCM started playing Age of Empires IV during creator preview event two weeks before the game's official release date on October 28th, 2021.

On November 6, 2021, ACCM played in the Genesis Qualifier, AoE4's first big S tier tournament. He was able to make it to the round of 32 where he suffered a crushing 0 to 2 defeat to TheViper, thus ending his hopes of qualifying for the main event.


2022-10-229th - 12thA0S-Tier1v1Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires IIRed Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires IIvietnam legendsVietnam LegendsVietnam Legends1 : 2China Mr_Yo$6,000
2021-03-205th - 8thA0S-Tier1v1Hidden Cup IVHidden Cup IVVietnam LegendsVietnam LegendsVietnam Legends1 : 3Germany JorDan_AoE$4,390
2021-01-243rd - 4thA0S-Tier1v1Red Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo IIIVietnam LegendsVietnam LegendsVietnam Legends1 : 3Serbia DauT$3,000
2020-03-011st - 8thA6Qualifier1v1Hidden Cup III: QualifierHidden Cup III: QualifierVietnam LegendsVietnam LegendsVietnam Legends4 : 2Vietnam saymyname$300
2017-10-226thA0S-TierTeamSY Nations Cup 3SY Nations Cup 3Vietnam AVietnam AVietnam A3 : 4China SYChina SY$454
2016-10-093rdA0S-TierTeamClan Masters: The Final ShowdownClan Masters: The Final ShowdownVietnam LegendsVietnam LegendsVietnam Legends1 : 4SYSY$1,250
2015-10-044thA0S-TierTeamSY Nations Cup 2SY Nations Cup 2Vietnam AVietnam AVietnam A0/-/3Grp S.$833
2015-03-297thA0S-TierTeamWar is ComingWar is ComingVietnam StrategyVietnam StrategyVietnam Strategy5 : 2KGB (AoE 2)KGB (AoE 2)$357
2014-08-175thA0S-TierTeamSY Nations Cup 1SY Nations Cup 1Vietnam AVietnam AVietnam A3 : 2Hong KongHong Kong$308
2012-07-154thA0S-TierTeamThe Tribal Wars 2012The Tribal Wars 2012Vietnam StrategyVietnam StrategyVietnam Strategy2/0/3Grp S.$214
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2022-12-0412:00 UTCA0S-TierThe Grand Melee: QualifierThe Grand Melee: Qualifier3:2Finland Valas
2022-12-0316:20 UTCA0S-TierThe Grand Melee: QualifierThe Grand Melee: Qualifier3:0Mexico KingstoNe
2022-12-0315:00 UTCA0S-TierThe Grand Melee: QualifierThe Grand Melee: QualifierW:FFRomania Andre_2i
2022-11-3008:00 UTCA2B-TierDouble Cup 3Double Cup 33:0Austria FreakinAndyWatch VOD
2022-11-2613:00 UTCA2B-TierDouble Cup 3Double Cup 33:0Poland ElNoniroWatch VOD
2022-11-2604:00 UTCA8Show M.Shadow Showmatch: ACCM vs slamShadow Showmatch: ACCM vs slam4:0Canada slam
2022-11-2416:00 UTCA0S-TierWarlordsWarlords3:4Canada HeraWatch VOD
2022-11-2014:00 UTCA0S-TierWarlordsWarlords3:1Serbia DauT
2022-11-1716:00 UTCA0S-TierWarlordsWarlords3:1Argentina CapochWatch VOD
2022-11-1514:00 UTCA2B-TierMagna CartoMagna Carto4:1France Margougou
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]

Gear and Settings[edit]

Hardware (list of)
Mouse Mousepad
Razer Mamba Elite Razer Firefly V2
Keyboard Headset
Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition HyperX Cloud II
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  • He is a full time player/streamer since 2019.
  • His nick name "ACCM" does have no meaning.


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