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Aftermath also known as aM is a team competing in tournaments for the game Age of Empires II.


The origins of Aftermath lie in 2016, when Liereyy, Hearttt and MbL started entering tournaments together. Their first tournament victory came in Into the Darkness (2016), where the trio won the grand finals against Nadya's Boys (NaBs) under the name Masters of Black Forest (MOBF).[1]

The first major tournament in which the team participated was Clan Masters: The Final Showdown (2016), where MbL and Liereyy joined forces with Melkor, Vodka_L and Feage as team Heartless.[2] In 2017, Liereyy, Hearttt and MbL won Clash of the Hippo 3 under the name KaiKai Larry.[3] Other examples of early tournaments included Masters of Arabia 2v2 (2017)[4], Return of the Kings 2v2 (2017)[5] and Gladiators of the Arena (2017)[6], in which Liereyy and Hearttt entered as The Machos. On October 17th 2017, Liereyy, Hearttt and MbL founded the clan Aftermath on gaming platform Voobly.[7] Under this new name, they won the Let Your Teammate Die! (2018) tournament.[8]

For the 3v3 tournament Battle of Africa 1 (2018), the team added Nicov to their roster. Aftermath claimed second place in this tournament after losing to TyRanT (later known as Team Secret) in the grand finals.[9] During the year-long Escape Champions League tournament, Hera transferred from Heresy to Aftermath. The team qualified for the LAN finals in Manchester, where they finished runner-up to Team Secret.[10] In 2019, MbL, Nicov and Hera won the Two Pools Tournament.[11]

In 2020, Aftermath won Battle of Africa 2 when they beat Team Secret in the finals.[12]


September 12th - Hera left Aftermath to represent the esports team Tempo Storm in AoE II, but will remain part of their team game roster in tournaments. [15]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Austria Liereyy Kai Kallinger 2017-10-17 [7]
Norway MbL Morten Levernes 2017-10-17 [7]
Peru Hearttt Hernan 2017-10-17 [7]
Argentina Nicov Nicolás Bruno 2018-01-28 [13]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Canada Hera Hamzah El-Baher 2018-09-28[14] 2020-09-12[15] Tempo Storm


2020-06-07AA1stA0S-TierBattle of Africa 2Battle of Africa 25 : 4$8,000
2020-04-17BA2ndA1A-TierTeTe InvitationalTeTe Invitational3/1Grp S.$705
2019-09-01BA2ndA0S-TierEscape Champions League LAN FinalsEscape Champions League LAN Finals2 : 5$2,500
2019-05-19BA2ndA1A-TierDoubles AgeDoubles Age3 : 4$689
2019-05-11AA1stA1A-TierEscape Champions League Americas 4v4Escape Champions League Americas 4v43 : 0$3,000
2019-04-14AA1stA1A-TierEscape Champions League Americas 2v2Escape Champions League Americas 2v23 : 0$1,803
2019-03-17AA1stA1A-TierEscape Champions League Southeast Asia 3v3Escape Champions League Southeast Asia 3v33 : 2$2,013
2019-01-27CA3 - 4thA1A-TierEscape Champions League East Asia 4v4Escape Champions League East Asia 4v41 : 3$567
2018-11-18AA1stA1A-TierEscape Champions League Middle East 3v3Escape Champions League Middle East 3v33 : 2$2,013
2018-04-29BA2ndA0S-TierBattle of Africa 1Battle of Africa 10 : 4$1,625
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