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Arabia (desert version)
Map Information
Ensemble Studios
Map Type:
Starting TC(s):
Player capacity:
Up to 8
First appearance:
The Age of Kings
Competition Span:
1999-09-30 — Present

Arabia is a Random Map in Age of Empires II.


Arabia is considered the most balanced and competitive map throughout the history of competitive Age of Empires II. Almost every tournament will begin their series with it. Be it one versus one or team games. As with all maps in ranked play, starting points, and resource distribution is randomized to an extent. Tournaments will generally produce their own version of this to tweak some of these randomized variables.

Notable Features[edit]

Strategic Basics[edit]



  • Arabia (default): standard Arabia map with big variety; can spawn with grass or desert terrain
    • Grass terrain: trees, more "noob friendly" with deer/sheep/boar and resources being closer to the TC, also easier to wall because of bigger woodlines and no ponds
    • Desert terrain: palms, ponds, less wood in general
  • Desert Arabia: an Arabia map always spawning with (brown) desert terrain; f.e. used in the Duel of the Century - JorDan_23 vs TheViper (DesertArabia_v4)
  • Green Arabia: an Arabia map always spawning with (green) grass terrain; similar to default grass terrain Arabia but less "noob friendly" with resources not spawning closer to the TC
  • ECL_Arabia (also used for EscapeTV Launch Event)
  • TA_DM_GA
  • RBW_Arabia (event example)
  • KotD3 Arabia: more open (woodlines more distant to the starting Town Centers), no cliffs, facilitating more aggressive playstyles
  • 2v2 World Cup (2020) Arabia
  • Winter's War: Winter's Arabia: map covered with snow
  • MSC Arabia, also known as Bog Arabia

Tournament Appearances[edit]

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2021-12-0418:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Sitaux France CeltsLiereyyKhmer Austria Liereyy
2021-12-0418:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Sitaux France BerbersLiereyyJapanese Austria Liereyy
2021-12-0418:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Sitaux France MongolsLiereyyBritons Austria Liereyy
2021-12-0418:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Sitaux France VietnameseLiereyyIndians Austria Liereyy
2021-12-0415:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Vinchester Russia BritonsYoAztecs China Yo
2021-12-0415:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Vinchester Russia SiciliansYoVikings China Yo
2021-12-0415:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Vinchester Russia LithuaniansYoKhmer China Yo
2021-12-0415:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Vinchester Russia BerbersYoJapanese China Yo
2021-12-0415:00 UTCKing of the Desert 41v1Vinchester Russia IncasYoVietnamese China Yo
2021-12-0414:30 UTCKing of the Age1v1Tannub Thailand MongolsaRaimaiRuFrench Thailand aRaimaiRu



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