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RBW 5 version
Map Information
Starting TC(s):
Player capacity:
Up to 8
First appearance:
The Age of Kings
Competition Span:
1999-09-30 — Present

Atacama is an Age of Empires II multiplayer map created by Mr ED.


An open map whose central feature is the massive woodpile in the middle. After having been used in various tournaments since its release, Atacama also has become a common Empire Wars tournament map. Wood around the player is sparse which encourages early conflict. However, because of the map's unique layout, players typically spawn further away from one another than a typical Arabia matchup.

Strategic Basics[edit]

Aside from the center, good woodlines are impossible to find and players will likely suffer inefficiencies if they fail to contest the middle. The amount of starting trees has two consequences: wood workers will be exposed in the middle and it is impossible to wall a base. Consequently, map control and feudal play is an absolute must. Earlier pressure is preferred, so drushing, Man-at-Arms, and Scouts are popular opening strategies along with towers and archers used later to pressure the center. In Castle Age, locking down the center becomes more important thus it is a popular place for Castles, Kreposts and Town Centers. In order to exploit the openness of the map, mobile units (like Knights, Light Cavalry, Cavalry Archers) see heavy play. For less mobile units, Atacama provides a suitable environment for sneak buildings given all of the exposed resources at a player's base. Strong/Weak civilizations on Atacama: ...


  • Original version: Less round center wood with ponds with shore fish between the wood clumps.
  • Double Cup version: 2-town center start version Double Atacama
  • RBW2 version: Rounder center wood, no ponds
  • RBW3 version: Ponds in each corner with 4 deep fish
  • WDC version: Based on the original version, but updated terrain/wildlife and with unwallable rock terrain with mountains along the map's edge.
  • Holy Cup (Holy Atacama) version: Players start with a monastery and an additional closeby relic in their base.

Tournament Appearances[edit]

Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2021-11-2917:00 UTCMoscow Cybersport 4: Superfinal1v1IAnTaGoNiStI Russia JapaneseWaRRioRMagyars Russia WaRRioR
2021-11-2518:45 UTCMoscow Cybersport 4: Superfinal1v1Колясик Russia MagyarsDarkSicilians Russia Dark
2021-11-2515:00 UTCAyre Pro League: Season 21v1Capoch Argentina HunsACCMBerbers Vietnam ACCM
2021-11-2015:00 UTCAyre Pro League: Season 21v1saymyname Vietnam FranksCapochHuns Argentina Capoch
2021-11-2013:00 UTCAyre Pro League: Season 21v1Mr.Bean Vietnam SaracensACCMHuns Vietnam ACCM
2021-11-1915:00 UTCAyre Pro League: Season 21v1Mr.Bean Vietnam AztecsThe_DragonstarJapanese India The_Dragonstar
2021-11-1913:25 UTCAyre Pro League: Season 21v1Overtaken Estonia BritonssaymynameHuns Vietnam saymyname
2021-11-0716:00 UTCMaster of Asylum1v1Margougou France TeutonsSitauxTatars France Sitaux
2021-11-0713:30 UTCMaster of Asylum1v1Babaorum France MagyarsCl3m3nTTatars France Cl3m3nT
2021-11-0615:50 UTCMaster of Asylum1v1Margougou France MagyarsBabaorumIndians France Babaorum


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