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An ocean with peninsulas and sheltered bays.
Map Information
Ensemble Studios
Map Type:
Starting TC(s):
Player capacity:
Up to 8
First appearance:
The Age of Kings
Competition Span:
1999-09-30 — Present

Baltic is an Age of Empires II multiplayer map.

An ocean with peninsulas and sheltered bays.


Baltic is a sea surrounded by a medium-sized piece of land on all sides. Baltic is a map which emphasizes good coordination between teammates and a player's navy and army. As noted on the map above, the strips of land separating the players are razor thin.

Fish is relatively abundant in the sea, so it is a highly reliable source of food and should be preferred over Farms in many situations. The start-up for each player is standard, with a standard set of resources (2 aggressive huntables, 3-4 passive huntables, 8 small herdables or 6 cows, 6 Berry Bushes, normal amounts of stone and gold). Wild predators are absent on the map and the set of Relics is standard (5 in a 2-player map).

It has the in-game map tags of "Water" and "Open".

Strategic Basics[edit]

A player needs to focus on both land and water in order to emerge victorious from the battle. Focusing food production on Fishing Ships rather than Farms is a good way to prevent overstraining wood economy.

As the teams are divided on land by narrow strips of land, Walling those places can be a good way to limit the opponent. After walling off an opponent, a player should focus on cross sea attacks using transports and Galleons, or placing military facilities on the land border.

Booming and turtle strategies are very effective on Baltic. Early land rush standard strategies (infantry, cavalry or archer rushes) may work only if the opponent forgets to wall the narrow points. Because of this, Galley rushes and land-to-rush strategies may be preferred.


Civilizations with advantages include:

  • Civilizations with good navy: Vikings Vikings, Spanish Spanish, Byzantines Byzantines, Malay Malay, Italians Italians, Portuguese Portuguese, Persians Persians, Koreans Koreans, Japanese Japanese, etc.
  • Civilizations with good defense and particularly good towers and Castles: Koreans Koreans, Incas Incas, Teutons Teutons, Byzantines Byzantines, Turks Turks, etc.
  • Civilizations with bonuses regarding Fishing ships, or better shore fish workrate: Japanese Japanese, Malay Malay, Italians Italians, Indians Indians.

Civilizations that may struggle:

  • Civilizations with poor navy: the Aztecs Aztecs or the Cumans Cumans for example.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-11-2016:15 UTCWarlords1v1MbL40C Norway JapaneseNicovDravidians Argentina Nicov
2022-11-1914:00 UTCWarlords1v1Nicov Argentina SaracensVinchesterMongols Russia VinchesterWatch VOD (G2)
2022-11-1118:40 UTCWarlords1v1classicpro Ukraine MongolsTheViperSaracens Norway TheViperWatch VOD (G3)
2022-11-0620:30 UTCWarlords: Qualifier1v1F1Re Brazil DravidiansDauTItalians Serbia DauTWatch VOD (G2)
2022-11-0618:30 UTCWarlords: Qualifier1v1FreakinAndy Austria JapaneseNicovMongols Argentina Nicov
2022-11-0518:15 UTCWarlords: Qualifier1v1DracKeN Czechia JapaneseclassicproItalians Ukraine classicpro
2022-11-0517:45 UTCWarlords: Qualifier1v1El_Matador Germany MongolsVinchesterItalians Russia Vinchester
2022-11-0517:20 UTCWarlords: Qualifier1v1FreakinAndy Austria ItaliansGanjiSaracens Sweden Ganji
2022-11-0516:25 UTCWarlords: Qualifier1v1Benzaiten France ItaliansSitauxMalians France Sitaux
2022-11-0516:00 UTCWarlords: Qualifier1v1Ganji Sweden JapaneseDarkDravidians Russia DarkWatch VOD (G2)