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[e][h] Beastyqt
Player Information
Александар Крстић
Romanized Name:
Aleksandar Krstić
(1990-12-29) December 29, 1990 (age 31)
Years Active:
2021 - Present
Total Earnings:
QM Elo (AoE IV):
1930 (current)
1986 (highest)

Aleksandar "Beastyqt" Krstić (born December 29, 1990) is a Serbian Age of Empires IV player.


2022-01-14AA1stA5Weekly1v1Dominaticus Crown Cup #6Dominaticus Crown Cup #62 : 0United States GiveUAnxiety$30
2022-01-11EC5 - 8thA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 3Winter Series 31 : 2Greece TheMista$100
2022-01-09AG1 - 8thA6QualifierTeamAoE4 Pro League: QualifierAoE4 Pro League: QualifierBeasty and the STRAELBORAAAAASBeasty and the STRAELBORAAAAASBeasty and the STRAELBORAAAAAS2 : 03D!Clan3D!Clan 
2022-01-05EC5 - 8thA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 2Winter Series 21 : 2Spain VortiX$100
2021-12-18QO17 - 32ndA0S-Tier1v1SteelSeries Prime CupSteelSeries Prime Cup1 : 2France MarineLorD$125
2021-12-17AA1stA5Weekly1v1The Gran Turino #5The Gran Turino #53 : 1Brazil Erik$100
2021-12-08BA2ndA2B-TierTeamContinental ClashContinental ClashEuropeEuropeEurope0 : 2AmericasAmericas$500
2021-12-03AA1stA5Weekly1v1Dominaticus Crown Cup #4Dominaticus Crown Cup #42 : 0Switzerland Niroxs$30
2021-11-27QO17 - 32ndA5Weekly1v1The Gran Turino #3The Gran Turino #30 : 1Switzerland Niroxs 
2021-11-17BA2ndA5Weekly1v1The Gran Turino #2The Gran Turino #20 : 2Spain VortiX$50
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2022-01-1422:10 UTCA3C-TierDominaticus Crown Cup #6Dominaticus Crown Cup #62:0United States GiveUAnxiety
2022-01-1420:40 UTCA3C-TierDominaticus Crown Cup #6Dominaticus Crown Cup #62:1Brazil Erik
2022-01-1420:00 UTCA3C-TierDominaticus Crown Cup #6Dominaticus Crown Cup #61:0Hungary KosdaBence
2022-01-1122:20 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 31:2Greece TheMista
2022-01-1120:50 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 32:0Serbia DauT
2022-01-1118:15 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 32:1Netherlands hoh0dfx
2022-01-1117:00 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 32:0China HappyCat
2022-01-0421:20 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 2Winter Series 21:2Spain VortiXWatch Game 1 Watch Game 2 Watch Game 3
2022-01-0419:55 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 2Winter Series 22:0Brazil Kelazhur
2022-01-0418:05 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 2Winter Series 22:1Switzerland Chrysaor
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]

Gear and Settings[edit]

Hardware (list of)
Mouse Mousepad
Logitech G403 Razer Goliathus
Keyboard Headset
Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum
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