Black Forest

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[e][h]Black Forest
Map Information
Ensemble Studios
Map Type:
Starting TC(s):
Player capacity:
Up to 8
First appearance:
The Age of Kings
Competition Span:
1999-09-30 — Present

Black Forest (abbr. BF) is an Age of Empires II multiplayer map which usually is played with explored setting. It also is a map in Age of Empires Online. It is a common map for beginners, since it is often not as aggressive in the early game, but is also a popular team game map for higher-level players.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Densely forested, with only a few paths to get from one players base to another's
  • Small lakes near players bases
  • Resources sometimes trapped in an "island of grass", meaning players must cut through the trees to get to them
  • Extra boar and wolves scattered around the map

Strategic Basics[edit]

Black Forest is a closed map, which means players are able to build walls early to protect themselves until they reach the late game, even in 1v1. Players will sometimes fight in the early game to get a forward wall, which will give them the position advantage later. This leads to early action that this map is sometimes not known for, and even fights with Villagers and Militia.

Small lakes will often spawn around the map, leading players to build Fish Traps to secure themselves safe food economy. Newer versions of the map, such as the one used in Rage Forest 3 guarantee fairer distribution of lakes across the two teams.

Black Forest games usually reach the Imperial Age, so having a strong economy to get fully-upgraded units is important. Single choke points will often be the point of contention for an extended period of time, so since games will sometimes go quite long, having a good trade route in team games is important.


Some civilizations that are strong on Black Forest, categorized by their biggest strengths:

Tournament Appearances[edit]

This automatically generated table shows up to 10 most recent S-Tier and A-Tier tournaments.
Start dateEnd dateTournament
2023-02-202023-06-03Nations Cup 2023Nations Cup 2023
2023-03-272023-04-23Rage Forest 4Rage Forest 4
2022-04-072022-05-01Rage Forest 3Rage Forest 3
2022-01-312022-03-20Return of the ClansReturn of the Clans
2021-09-222021-10-16Rage ForestRage Forest
2021-01-272021-02-27Drunken ForestDrunken Forest
2017-07-102017-11-04SY Nations Cup 3SY Nations Cup 3
2017-01-302017-05-20Every Game Counts #1: Strike the Balance
2016-10-232016-11-14Clan Masters: 1v1 Mini CupClan Masters: 1v1 Mini Cup

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-06-0414:30 UTCDouyu Invitational4v4Rubenstock Finland Poles
Villese Finland Celts
TheMax Finland Tatars
Valas Finland Bohemians
TaToHBritons Spain TaToH
Teutons Norway TheViper
Sicilians Germany Nili
Aztecs Serbia DauT
Watch VOD (G6)
2023-06-0114:00 UTCDouyu Invitational4v4Bad Koala China Poles
lyx China Teutons
Yo China Slavs
Vivi China Aztecs
ValasBohemians Finland Valas
Sicilians Finland TheMax
Celts Finland Villese
Turks Finland Rubenstock
Watch VOD (G5)
2023-05-3115:40 UTCDouyu Invitational4v4Valas Finland Bohemians
TheMax Finland Cumans
Villese Finland Celts
Rubenstock Finland Turks
LiereyyAztecs Austria Liereyy
Teutons Peru Hearttt
Mongols Canada Hera
Turks Norway MbL40C
Watch VOD (G4)
2023-05-3012:45 UTCDouyu Invitational4v4DauT Serbia Britons
JorDan_AoE Germany Teutons
TaToH Spain Bohemians
TheViper Norway Bengalis
HeraAztecs Canada Hera
Cumans Peru Hearttt
Celts Argentina Nicov
Bohemians Austria Liereyy
Watch VOD (G2)
2023-05-2914:30 UTCDouyu Invitational4v4DauT Serbia Poles
JorDan_AoE Germany Sicilians
TheViper Norway Celts
TaToH Spain Bohemians
Bad KoalaAztecs China Bad Koala
Saracens China Vivi
Slavs China lyx
Incas China Yo
2023-05-1814:00 UTCNations Cup 20234v4Lyx China Aztecs
Yo China Slavs
Tim China Teutons
Vivi China Bengalis
ValasBohemians Finland Valas
Cumans Finland TheMax
Celts Finland Villese
Turks Finland Rubenstock
Watch VOD (G3)
2023-05-0618:30 UTCNations Cup 20234v4Hera Canada Britons
IamChris Canada Celts
mentalist Canada Franks
slam Canada Incas
RubenstockPoles Finland Rubenstock
Celts Finland Villese
Tatars Finland TheMax
Ethiopians Finland Valas
Watch VOD (G4)
2023-05-0516:30 UTCNations Cup 2023: Silver League4v4DOOMSTER India Bohemians
HELLRAZER India Cumans
The_Dragonstar India Celts
Ass_Kickerwa India Slavs
BarlesIncas Poland Barles
Mongols Poland Zastosy
Slavs Poland JackK
Aztecs Poland Dziamdziak
2023-05-0317:00 UTCJonSlow vs Rmcoo: Tiny Maps Showmatch1v1Rmcoo Lithuania MongolsJonSlowPoles Israel JonSlow
2023-04-3019:00 UTCFox vs Laca #24v4Madtomski Germany Turks
PhilippHJS Germany Cumans
Acro17 Germany Slavs
Mr.Dobbsn Germany Berbers
MargougouBohemians France Margougou
Teutons France Ciskhan
Goths France Tointoin
Burmese France Lighty