Black Sea

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[e][h]Black Sea
The dark waters of the inland sea divide team lands into two islands.
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Ensemble Studios
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Black Sea is an Age of Mythology map.

Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-01-2220:00 UTCPhoenix Reborn3v3Domantas Lithuania Gaia
matreiuss Italy Hades
IKill_UDie Italy Zeus
PlayerZeus Portugal Player
Thor United States Squash
Hades Brazil g0ldlion
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2023-01-0718:00 UTCPhoenix Reborn3v3OdinKing12 United Kingdom Gaia
Grassengroom United States Zeus
Evil United Kingdom Thor
ShadowfaxxHades United Kingdom Shadowfaxx
Thor Georgia HerroOP
Kronos Switzerland Swissboy
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2017-02-26Frozen Times3v3Fox__ United States Ra
_Azkeel Mexico Zeus
IamMagic Canada Ra
Themis_Zeus Greece Themis_
Zeus Portugal PLAYER
Ra Germany Ert_
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2017-02-20Frozen Times3v3Brennos France Ra
Adhafang France Zeus
__Kimo France Ra
Ra Germany Ert_
Zeus Greece Themis_
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2017-02-19Frozen Times3v3IamMagic Canada Set
Fox__ United States Oranos
Sh3lty United Kingdom Oranos
GreenSeaSquashOranos United States GreenSeaSquash
Zeus Brazil metall0_
Oranos Italy IKill_UDie
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2017-02-19Frozen Times3v3Fox__ United States Ra
IamMagic Canada Ra
Sh3lty United Kingdom Oranos
metall0_Zeus Brazil metall0_
Oranos United States GreenSeaSquash
Hades Brazil g0ld_lion
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