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Map Information
Hagrit and KeeN Flame
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Borderlands is an Age of Mythology map.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-03-1215:00 UTCThe Golden Gift: Qualifier 31v1ducknugget United Kingdom ZeusIam_MomoOranos Egypt Iam_Momo
2023-02-0617:00 UTCFimbulwinter 31v1HellsRavage United States LokiBatuhaNNLoki Turkey BatuhaNNWatch VOD (G2)
2023-02-06Fimbulwinter 31v1marc0s Peru LokiGaboo21Loki Argentina Gaboo21Watch VOD (G3)
2023-01-0602:00 UTCPhoenix Reborn3v3xPlatinum Mexico Oranos
Faraon Mexico Poseidon
zoccio Mexico Loki
TunisonOranos United States Tunison
Zeus Brazil metallinho
Loki Brazil N1NHO
Watch VOD
2022-12-1623:00 UTCMeta Plays: Season 3 - Voobly Hands-Off 2v2 #22v2GuIsAo_ Brazil Oranos
SPARX_BR Brazil Loki
__ULyssesLoki Chile __ULysses
Loki Brazil Playhrd
2022-12-1014:00 UTCA4G S3 Show M. #11v1kingdragon3 Greece Rakalimnos2000Poseidon Greece kalimnos2000
2022-08-2818:45 UTCMeta Plays: Season 3 - Monthly #121v1TIGERBOSS Turkey OranosShadowfaxOdin United Kingdom ShadowfaxWatch VOD (G1)
2022-03-1917:30 UTCMeta Plays: Season 2 - Monthly #71v1__Kimo France Ramor_winPoseidon Israel mor_winWatch VOD (G2)
2022-03-0418:00 UTCMeta Plays: Season 2 - Monthly #71v1mor_win Israel ZeusmatreiussZeus Italy matreiussWatch VOD (G1)
2022-03-0220:30 UTCMeta Plays: Season 2 - Monthly #71v1Nullus Russia Oranos___OdysseusLoki Chile ___Odysseus