Campeonato Brasileiro 2021 - 1st Edition

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[e][h]Campeonato Brasileiro 2021 - 1st Edition
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Brazilian community
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Brazil Brazil
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Campeonato Brasileiro 2021 - 1st Edition (Brazilian Tournmanet 2021) is an Age of Empires I Definitive Edition 3v3 tournament. Players are mostly Brazilians, but foreigners are welcome to participate. Within the 39 registered players, there are a few players from Mexico, Peru and Paraguay. Teams are assembled by the organizers to achieve some balance that allow the tournament to be competitive and fun. The most experienced players, for example, are put together with beginners.


Game configuration[edit]

Server Region: South Brazil
Map Size: Huge (6 Players)
Reveal Map: Normal
Population Limit: 250
Resources: Default
Starting Age: Default
Victory Type: Conquest. In the exceptional case in which a draw happens (both teams gave up on attacking and no resources are left in the map) the organization team will talk to the two teams and suggest victory for the team with the largest number of deaths in the match.
Difficult Level: Hardest
Speed: Fast (1.5)
Shared Exploration: Yes
Team Together: Yes
Lock Teams: Yes
Lock Speed: Yes


Map picking
From the 11 available map types in Age of Empires I Definitive Edition (Coastal, Inland, Small Islands, Large Islands, Highland, Continental, Hill Country, Mediterranean, Narrows, Rivers and Oasis), the organization decided that players may pick among the following 7 types of maps:

  • Small Islands
  • Oasis
  • Continental
  • Mediterranean
  • Highland
  • Rivers
  • Hill Country

For each dispute among two teams, there are three rounds of picks and bans for maps. The team that will start the map decision will be decided upon consensus among the two teams or by a random number generator. Let's call these two teams A and B.

A bans a map type. B bans another map type. A picks a map type from the remaining map types. B picks a map type from the remaining map types. A bans another map type. B bans another map type. Because there are 7 allowed map types, one is left. The map type for the first match will be the map picked by A, the map type for the second match will be the map picked by B and if we have a drawn (1x1), we will go for a 3rd and final match with the remaining map.

Team A - Bans oasis
Team B - Bans Small Islands
Team A - Picks Continental
Team B - Picks Highland
Team A - Bans Rivers
Team B - Bans Hill Country
Mediterranean is left.

The map types that will be played are the following:

  • 1st Continental
  • 2nd Highland
  • 3rd (if necessary) Mediterranean

Civilization pick
Civilizations must be chosen by the teams. There is no restriction on players from different teams picking the same civilization, but civilizations can not be repeated in the same best of 3 or 5 matches within the same team.

In the group stage, 6 or 9 civilizations can be used for each team (2 maps, if it's two victories for one team, or 3 maps if it's 2x1). In the final stage, if there is a need to play all 5 maps, all 15 civilizations in the game should be used. Civilizations must be chosen alternately between teams, starting with the opposite team that initiated the map pick. It is not necessary to point out the player who will use civilization, just what was the choice.

Team A picks Choson.
Team B picks Hitite.
Team A picks Sumerian.
Team B picks Assyrius.
Team A picks Macedonians.
team B picks Choson.

As you can see, both teams had players choosing Choson. There is no problem. In the next two matches (best of 3) or four matches (best of 5) no other player for any of the two teams will be able to pick Choson.

There will be no restart. In the case of a map WITHOUT ANY GAME CONDITIONS, seek the judge / narrator for evaluation. An example of such tragic game would be a map with zero food, or an island with zero wood.

If someone is disconnected from the server during the match, the organization will count on the players' common sense to restart the game, unless the disadvantage of the team from which the player disconnected is very clear. If the team that had the player disconnected is in advantage and the team wants to continue the game, they cannot contest if they suffer defeat. If there is no consensus, the organization will have the final voice to decide.

The bug of deleting ruins is prohibited, except in cases where the ruin is located within the player's own base and it hinders locomotion or resource harvesting. (ex: ruin next to the town center, and ruin inside the fruit.)


  • Main Event (Group Stage: Group 1+2): 04 January 2021 - 15 February 2021
  • Semi-Finals: TBD
  • Grand Finals: TBD


3 versus 3 Team Games

  • Group Stage:
    • 13 teams in 2 groups
    • Round Robin
    • All matches are Best of 3
    • Winners and Runner-ups advance to the semi-finals
  • Playoffs:
    • All matches are Bo5

Prize Pool[edit]

  • Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on 2021-02-24: 1 BRL ≃ 0.18 USD.
  • The prizes were divided into R$1040 cash prize and R$1700 in equipment by our official sponsor Corsair. The first place got a Corsair Scimitar mouse and R$650, the second place got a Corsair Glaive mouse R$260 and the third place got a Corsair HS35 headset and R$130.



Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
1.Los HermanosLos Hermanos Los Hermanos4-19-5+4
1.Pro's NightmarePro's Nightmare Pro's Nightmare4-18-4+4
3.Los GringosLos Gringos Los Gringos3-28-5+3
4.Team CoxamosTeam Coxamos Team Coxamos2-36-7-1
5.MITMIT MIT1-33-7-4

Group B[edit]

Group B
1.The AvengersThe Avengers The Avengers5-111-2+9
2.EsperançaEsperança Esperança4-29-5+4
2.Noob's NightmareNoob's Nightmare Noob's Nightmare4-28-7+1
4.Chupa ChupsChupa Chups Chupa Chups2-46-10-4
4.Powerpuff GirlsPowerpuff Girls Powerpuff Girls2-46-9-3
4.SemSocoSemSoco SemSoco2-46-8-2


Round of 6
EsperançaEsperança Esperança
January 29, 2021 - 21:00 BRT
Los GringosLos Gringos Los Gringos
Los HermanosLos Hermanos Los Hermanos
February 8, 2021 - 20:00 BRT
Noob's NightmareNoob's Nightmare Noob's Nightmare
Pro's NightmarePro's Nightmare Pro's Nightmare
February 16, 2021 - 21:00 BRT
EsperançaEsperança Esperança
The AvengersThe Avengers The Avengers
February 11, 2021 - 21:30 BRT
Noob's NightmareNoob's Nightmare Noob's Nightmare
Grand Final
EsperançaEsperança Esperança
February 20, 2021 - 17:00 BRT
Noob's NightmareNoob's Nightmare Noob's Nightmare
3rd Place Match
Pro's NightmarePro's Nightmare Pro's Nightmare
February 22, 2021 - 21:00 BRT
The AvengersThe Avengers The Avengers