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Map Information
Map Type:
Starting TC(s):
Player capacity:
Up to 8
Competition Span:
2014 - Present

Caribbean is an Age of Empires II multiplayer map created by HJ.

In the Caribbean the temperature never changes, the sun just goes down.


Caribbean features pure naval combat as each player starts on an island and must advance quickly to claim control of the high seas. Central islands contain small amounts of gold for whoever is able to claim the middle of the map.

Wild predator beasts are absent on the map, each players island contains one pile of stone and two of gold.

Strategic Basics[edit]

Turtling strategies may work, rushing parties embarking with Transport Ships can often catch the enemy off guard, but players should keep in mind that a strong navy is essential for victory.


Civilizations that have advantages in Islands:

  • Naval civilizations: Vikings Vikings, Spanish Spanish, Byzantines Byzantines, Malay Malay, Italians Italians, Portuguese Portuguese, Persians Persians, Koreans Koreans, Japanese Japanese, Saracens Saracens, etc.
  • Civilizations with good defense and particularly good towers and Castles: Koreans Koreans, Incas Incas, Teutons Teutons, Byzantines Byzantines, Turks Turks, etc.

Civilizations that may struggle

  • Civilizations with poor navy: the Aztecs Aztecs or the Cumans Cumans for example

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2021-05-2316:00 UTCKing of Americas II1v1LaaaaaN Spain ItaliansTaToHVikings Spain TaToHWatch VOD (G7)
2021-05-23King of Americas II1v1Capoch Argentina VikingsFedexChinese Argentina FedexWatch VOD (G3)
2021-05-1822:00 UTCKing of Americas II1v1Pela Argentina ChineseTwiggVikings Argentina TwiggWatch VOD (G2)
2021-05-1722:45 UTCKing of Americas II1v1Fedex Argentina ChineseNicovChinese Argentina NicovWatch VOD (G2)
2021-05-1123:50 UTCKing of Americas II1v1Gary Argentina ItaliansSobekItalians Chile SobekWatch VOD (G4)
2021-05-0722:00 UTCKing of Americas II1v1Rodrigus Argentina PersiansNoisickItalians Chile NoisickWatch VOD (G2)
2019-08-30Escape Champions League LAN Finals1v1MbL Norway Incas
TheViperBerbers Norway TheViper
Watch VOD (G2)
2019-08-30Escape Champions League LAN Finals1v1TheMax Finland Vikings
TaToHByzantines Spain TaToH
Watch VOD (G2)
2019-08-30Escape Champions League LAN Finals1v1Villese Finland Japanese
HeraItalians Canada Hera
Watch VOD (G1)
2019-05-2516:00 UTCDoubles Age2v2ACCM Vietnam Vikings
BacT Vietnam Italians
DauTJapanese Serbia DauT
Vikings Canada slam
Watch VOD (G2)