Clown Legion

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Clown Legion
Team Information
Age of Empires II

Clown Legion is a team competing in tournaments for the game Age of Empires II featuring top Arena players.


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Israel JonSlow Alexey 2020-11-??
Czech Republic DracKeN Jindra 2020-11-??
Norway buddy 2020-11-??
Netherlands D3rp Bert 2020-11-??
Netherlands Darknoob Freek 2020-11-??
United States The_Bloodless 2021-06-??
Lithuania Rmcoo 2021-08-16


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Luxembourg Collins 2020-11-?? 2021-04-??


2020-12-20IG9 - 16thA2B-TierLiga Mundo AoE, Second EditionLiga Mundo AoE, Second Edition0 : 2CombiTeamCombiTeam 
2020-12-13BA2ndA3C-TierTrouT City Quick 'N Dirty 2v2 Nomad Cup: EliteTrouT City Quick 'N Dirty 2v2 Nomad Cup: Elite1 : 2Rulers of RomeRulers of Rome 
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2021-10-18AA1stA3C-TierAge of Empires IIDutch Open 2021Dutch Open 2021Darknoob Netherlands4 : 2Netherlands AngelinaJolie$430
2021-09-09BA2ndA3C-TierAge of Empires IIClown Legion LeagueClown Legion LeagueD3rp Netherlands1 : 3Netherlands Darknoob$75
2021-09-09AA1stA3C-TierAge of Empires IIClown Legion LeagueClown Legion LeagueDarknoob Netherlands3 : 1Netherlands D3rp$100
2021-08-29AA1stA3C-TierAge of Empires IIWakko Arena CupWakko Arena CupJonSlow Israel4 : 1Chile Whitecourt$170
2021-05-06AA1stA8Show M.Age of Empires IIDarknoob vs D3rpDarknoob vs D3rpD3rp Netherlands3 : 2Netherlands Darknoob$120
2021-04-15AA1stA8Show M.Age of Empires IIJonSlow Showmatch - DauT vs DracKeNJonSlow Showmatch - DauT vs DracKeNDracKeN Czechia3 : 0Serbia DauT$100
2021-03-15AA1stA8Show M.Age of Empires IIClown Camp - Arena TeamgamesClown Camp - Arena TeamgamesD3rp Netherlands5-1Grp S.$58
2021-02-06AA1stA2B-TierAge of Empires IIAOEliga: Season #2 - 1st DivisionAOEliga: Season #2 - 1st DivisionDracKeN Czechia3 : 2Slovakia Ondrej94$234
2021-01-28AA1stA1A-TierAge of Empires IIRed Bull Gaming World: Online Series feat. AoE 2 Battle RoyaleRed Bull Gaming World: Online Series feat. AoE 2 Battle RoyaleDracKeN Czechia$304
2021-01-02AA1stA8Show M.Age of Empires IIT90Official Showmatch - Darknoob vs JonSlowT90Official Showmatch - Darknoob vs JonSlowDarknoob Netherlands4 : 3Israel JonSlow$150
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  • Clown Legion was originally formed as a parody of GamerLegion. In the end it became a real team. [1]