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Map Information

Dakota is an Age of Empires III map.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-02-2714:00 UTCSupremacy Cup1v1Eaglemut Czechia IndiansWindy_120%Japanese China Windy_120%
2022-02-2714:00 UTCSupremacy Cup1v1Coffee_coeff ChineseHawKChinese Sweden HawKWatch VOD (G1)
2022-02-2714:00 UTCSupremacy Cup1v1Squamiger United States HaudenosauneeGuiliuGGermans Belgium GuiliuG
2022-02-2714:00 UTCSupremacy Cup1v1Jeez Lesotho SwedesLion HeartOttomans United Kingdom Lion HeartWatch VOD (G1)
2022-02-2714:00 UTCSupremacy Cup1v1musketeer925 United States BritishKevinitalienHaudenosaunee France Kevinitalien
2022-02-2714:00 UTCSupremacy Cup1v1PÉLADIÑÓ Chile OttomansLoOk_tOmOttomans Brazil LoOk_tOmWatch VOD (G1)
2022-02-2714:00 UTCSupremacy Cup1v1拉普拉斯飞羽 China HausaMitoeMexicans Canada Mitoe
2021-10-2622:30 UTCESOC Premier League Season 31v1iamturk Turkey British
KaisterSpanish United States Kaister
2021-10-2622:30 UTCESOC Premier League Season 31v1Kaiserklein France Spanish
MitoeGermans Canada Mitoe
2021-10-2622:30 UTCESOC Premier League Season 31v1Rohbrot Germany Spanish
Don ArtieOttomans Netherlands Don Artie