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Map Information
Starting TC(s):
Player capacity:
Up to 8
First appearance:
Competition Span:
2021-05-12 — Present

Danakil is an community made random map in Age of Empires II created by Zetnus and Huehuecoyotl22. It was created for the World Desert Championship.


Players spawn in a circle on open deserted farmland, with some scattered trees and bushes. Each player has standard starting goats and ostriches, but no boars. Instead of that 4 farms. Player gold and stone is less than standard. The outside area of the map is a tree-less and rocky plain with rich stone and gold deposits close to lava pits (4 each), while the center features an element typical for Ethiopia: a church forest.

The map has 2 unique mechanisms which follow the spirit of the tournament: The bushes scattered around the player starting areas automatically regrow a few times once fully harvested. In addition to that, the center's church forest and a few other patches bear the opportunity to plant trees. By working on the saplings (represented by relic-looking objects), you will plant a new wood-rich tree once the "relic" is destroyed. These trees can be harvested once, but not completely (once the 300-wood planted tree is at 0 wood, an unharvestable tree spawns). These mechanisms provide an additional wood source in case of a long game, however, they don't change standard gameplay in an average game.

Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2021-06-1218:00 UTCWorld Desert Championship: Sand League3v3Inc United States Ethiopians
Influenza United States Persians
Zezito Brazil Chinese
RediRodionEthiopians Poland RediRodion
Berbers Poland Dziamdziak
Chinese Poland ElNoniro
2021-05-2816:00 UTCWorld Desert Championship3v3TaToH Spain Chinese
TheViper Norway Berbers
JorDan_AoE Germany Ethiopians
ZuppiEthiopians Finland Zuppi
Persians Finland TheMax
Chinese Finland Villese
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2021-05-2212:00 UTCWorld Desert Championship3v3TaToH Spain Malians
TheViper Norway Persians
JorDan_AoE Germany Chinese
saymynameEthiopians Vietnam saymyname
Berbers Vietnam ACCM
Chinese Vietnam BadBoy
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  • The map is partially based on the real location of the Danakil Desert is a extremely hot desert in northeastern Ethiopia, southern Eritrea and northwestern Djibouti, with volcanic and tectonic activity and lakes formed by lava flows, known as the "Gateway to Hell". 50 °C, burning sun and burning lava, almost lifeless. Only few people come here to mine salt in the colourful salt plain flatlands where deposits are up to 800 m thick. The center of the map is based on degraded farmland and a church forest, also typical for Ethiopia, where only the forest which is protected by the church was saved from deforestation.

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