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2022-12-0325th - 48thA6Qualifier1v1The Grand Melee: QualifierThe Grand Melee: Qualifierclown legion 2021 janClown LegionClown Legion0 : 2Germany Running$50
2022-11-0517th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Warlords: QualifierWarlords: Qualifierclown legion 2021 janClown LegionClown Legion2 : 3Ukraine classicpro$50
2022-10-101stA8Show M.1v1Money Match Monday 1: DracKeN vs JonSlowMoney Match Monday 1: DracKeN vs JonSlowclown legion 2021 janClown LegionClown Legion3 : 0Israel JonSlow$70
2022-09-049th - 16thA6Qualifier1v1Wallhalla: QualifierWallhalla: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 3Austria FreakinAndy 
2022-08-2717th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires II Qualifier #2Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires II Qualifier #2Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 2Canada slam 
2022-08-2017th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires II Qualifier #1Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires II Qualifier #1Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 2Canada slam 
2022-08-134th - 8thA1A-Tier1v1T90 Titans League: Gold LeagueT90 Titans League: Gold LeagueClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 3Mexico KingstoNe$300
2022-08-102ndA8Show M.TeamArena Showmatch: Clown Legion vs The AmigosArena Showmatch: Clown Legion vs The AmigosClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 3The AmigosThe Amigos 
2022-06-019th - 16thA6QualifierTeamBattle of Africa 3: QualifierBattle of Africa 3: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion2 : 3DarkSidEDarkSidE 
2022-05-049th - 16thA2B-Tier1v1Master of the Circus 2Master of the Circus 2Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 3Netherlands Darknoob 
2022-04-032ndA8Show M.1v1DracKeN vs ModriDracKeN vs ModriClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion2 : 6Slovenia Modri 
2022-02-289th - 16thA6Qualifier1v1Master of Socotra 2: QualifierMaster of Socotra 2: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 3Vietnam SongSong 
2022-02-2713th - 16thA1A-TierTeamReturn of the ClansReturn of the ClansClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 3Rulers of RomeRulers of Rome 
2022-02-115th - 8thA2B-Tier1v1Ayre Masters Series I: The Golden CupAyre Masters Series I: The Golden CupClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 2Argentina Capoch$75
2022-02-071st - 4thA6Qualifier1v1Ayre Masters Series I: The Golden Cup - QualifierAyre Masters Series I: The Golden Cup - QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion2 : 0Poland Dziamdziak 
2022-01-2217th - 32ndA0S-Tier1v1Wandering Warriors CupWandering Warriors CupClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion2 : 3Canada Hera$250
2021-10-3033rd - 64thA6Qualifier1v1King of the Desert 4: QualifierKing of the Desert 4: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 2Chile Whocl 
2021-10-1017th - 32ndA1A-Tier1v1History Hit OpenHistory Hit OpenClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 2Vietnam BacT 
2021-09-093rdA3C-Tier1v1Clown Legion LeagueClown Legion LeagueClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3 : 0United States The_Bloodless$50
2021-08-2411th - 20thA2B-Tier1v1Empirematics: Gold ChampionshipEmpirematics: Gold ChampionshipClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion2 : 3Vietnam SongSong 
2021-08-1417th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo V: QualifierRed Bull Wololo V: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 2France Sitaux 
2021-08-072ndA8Show M.1v1Babaorum vs DracKeNBabaorum vs DracKeNClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3 : 4France Babaorum$44
2021-07-2333rd - 64thA0S-Tier1v1The Open ClassicThe Open ClassicClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 2Poland Barles 
2021-07-149th - 16thA6Qualifier1v1Masters of Arena 6: QualifierMasters of Arena 6: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 3France Babaorum 
2021-06-125th - 8thA1A-Tier1v1Yolo CupYolo CupClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion2 : 3Russia repard 
2021-06-067th - 10thA3C-Tier1v1AOEliga: Season #3 - 1st DivisionAOEliga: Season #3 - 1st DivisionClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0/0/6Grp S. 
2021-06-0533rd - 64thA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo IV: Qualifier 2Red Bull Wololo IV: Qualifier 2Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 2Sweden Ganji 
2021-05-2917th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo IV: Qualifier 1Red Bull Wololo IV: Qualifier 1Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 2Brazil dogao 
2021-05-251stA8Show M.1v1Good_Game vs DracKeNGood_Game vs DracKeNClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion4 : 0Russia Good_Game$45
2021-05-059th - 16thA1A-TierTeamWorld Desert ChampionshipWorld Desert ChampionshipCzech TeamCzech TeamCzech Team0 : 3Tempo StormTempo Storm$50
2021-04-251st - 10thA6QualifierTeamWorld Desert Championship: QualifierWorld Desert Championship: QualifierCzech TeamCzech TeamCzech Team3 : 2Greedy DragonsGreedy Dragons 
2021-04-151stA8Show M.1v1JonSlow Showmatch - DauT vs DracKeNJonSlow Showmatch - DauT vs DracKeNClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3 : 0Serbia DauT$100
2021-03-289th - 24thA1A-Tier1v1European RumbleEuropean RumbleClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3/0/2Grp S. 
2021-03-2817th - 24thA6QualifierTeamTwo Pools 2: QualifiersTwo Pools 2: QualifiersGonna Get WorseGonna Get WorseGonna Get Worse0 : 3pogpog 
2021-03-2019th - 32ndA2B-Tier1v1Good Old Times CupGood Old Times CupClown LegionClown LegionClown LegionFF : WGermany Rxndy 
2021-03-152ndA8Show M.1v1Clown Camp - Arena TeamgamesClown Camp - Arena TeamgamesClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3-3Grp S.$34
2021-03-023rdA8Show M.1v1Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #6Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #6Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion$10
2021-02-1933rd - 64thA6Qualifier1v1Hidden Cup 4: QualifierHidden Cup 4: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 3France Sitaux 
2021-02-169th - 16thA1A-Tier1v1Master of SocotraMaster of SocotraClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 3Russia Vinchester 
2021-02-143rd - 4thA2B-Tier1v1Lords of the ArenaLords of the ArenaClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3 : 4Norway TheViper$50
2021-02-071st - 8thA6Qualifier1v1Master of Socotra: QualifierMaster of Socotra: QualifierClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3 : 1Czechia Somero 
2021-02-061stA2B-Tier1v1AOEliga: Season #2 - 1st DivisionAOEliga: Season #2 - 1st DivisionClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion3 : 2Slovakia Ondrej94$234
2021-01-281stA7Misc1v1Red Bull Gaming World: Online Series feat. AoE 2 Battle RoyaleRed Bull Gaming World: Online Series feat. AoE 2 Battle RoyaleClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion$304
2021-01-272ndA8Show M.1v1Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #5Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #5Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion$30
2021-01-249th - 16thA1A-TierTeam2v2 World Cup 2020: Silver League2v2 World Cup 2020: Silver LeagueCzech Republic BCzech Republic BCzech Republic B2 : 3Chile BChile B 
2021-01-144th - 8thA8Show M.1v1Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #4Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #4Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion 
2021-01-0217th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo III: Qualifier 1Red Bull Wololo III: Qualifier 1Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion1 : 3Brazil bruH 
2020-12-281stA8Show M.1v1Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #3Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #3Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion$30
2020-12-222ndA8Show M.TeamGamerLegion vs ClownsGamerLegion vs ClownsClownsClownsClowns3 : 6GamerLegionGamerLegion$33
2020-12-204th - 9thA7Misc1v1Wrang of Fire 2Wrang of Fire 2Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion 
2020-12-209th - 16thA2B-TierTeamLiga Mundo AoE: Second EditionLiga Mundo AoE: Second EditionClown LegionClown LegionClown Legion0 : 2Combi TeamCombi Team 
2020-12-2017th - 24thA0S-TierTeam2v2 World Cup 20202v2 World Cup 2020Czech Republic BCzech Republic BCzech Republic B0 : 3Vietnam BVietnam B 
2020-12-182ndA8Show M.1v1Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #2Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #2Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion$15
2020-12-032ndA8Show M.1v1Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #1Battle Royale Event (by DracKeN) #1Clown LegionClown LegionClown Legion$15
2020-10-305th - 8thA3C-Tier1v1Master of the CircusMaster of the Circus0 : 3Germany Scogo 
2020-09-2517th - 32ndA0S-Tier1v1King of the Desert 3King of the Desert 32 : 3Argentina Nicov$125
2020-09-132ndA3C-Tier1v1Clown Wars - Episode 1Clown Wars - Episode 11 : 3Slovenia Modri 
2020-09-065th - 6thA2B-Tier1v1Ayre Age League: Season OneAyre Age League: Season One1/0/2Grp S. 
2020-08-1617th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo II: Qualifier 2Red Bull Wololo II: Qualifier 21 : 3Vietnam BadBoy 
2020-08-121st - 8thA6Qualifier1v1Ayre Age League: Season One: QualificationAyre Age League: Season One: Qualification3 : 1Italy Rise 
2020-06-192ndA8Show M.1v1Clown Cup 3 - Showmatch - DauT vs DracKeNClown Cup 3 - Showmatch - DauT vs DracKeN1 : 4Serbia DauT 
2020-06-085th - 8thA2B-Tier1v1Visible CupVisible Cup0 : 3Poland _Barles_$37
2020-05-292ndA8Show M.1v1Clown Cup 3 - Showmatch - DracKeN vs ModriClown Cup 3 - Showmatch - DracKeN vs Modri3 : 4Slovenia Modri 
2020-05-253rd - 4thA3C-Tier1v1Classic Cup - King of the HunsClassic Cup - King of the Huns0 : 3Russia Vinchester 
2020-04-1917th - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1Red Bull Wololo: Qualifier 1Red Bull Wololo: Qualifier 10 : 3Russia Vinchester 
2019-12-292ndA8Show M.1v1T90Official Showmatch - DracKen vs JonSlowT90Official Showmatch - DracKen vs JonSlow3 : 4Israel JonSlow$50
2019-12-159th - 16thA6Qualifier1v1Nili's Apartment Cup III: QualifierNili's Apartment Cup III: Qualifier0 : 4United States Daniel 
2019-04-143rdA2B-Tier1v1Voobly Arena Seasonal: Spring 2019Voobly Arena Seasonal: Spring 2019W : FFSerbia DauT 
2019-04-019th - 16thA2B-Tier1v1Aspiring Experts - Gold LeagueAspiring Experts - Gold League2 : 3Belgium PROject_Belgium 
2018-09-232ndA3C-Tier1v1Circus Invitational: Golden Clown BracketCircus Invitational: Golden Clown BracketFF : WIsrael TeRRoR 
2018-08-2817th - 24thA2B-Tier1v1Legacy of the Huns 2Legacy of the Huns 20 : 2China BlackMamba 
2018-05-229thA6QualifierTeamTitans of Arina: Qualification & Swiss StageTitans of Arina: Qualification & Swiss StageDraCoNT + TeRRoRDraCoNT + TeRRoRDraCoNT + TeRRoR1/0/2Grp S. 
2018-05-092ndA3C-TierTeamTitans of Arina: Bronze BracketTitans of Arina: Bronze BracketDraCoNT + TeRRoRDraCoNT + TeRRoRDraCoNT + TeRRoR3 : 4pete_martell + GoldenEnd + Kamigawapete_martell + GoldenEnd + Kamigawa 
2018-02-245th - 6thA1A-Tier1v1Masters of Arena 5Masters of Arena 52 : 3China CL 
2017-11-055th - 8thA6Qualifier1v1Escape Gaming Masters #3 - Regicide Edition: QualifierEscape Gaming Masters #3 - Regicide Edition: Qualifier0 : 2Germany JorDan_23 
2017-07-309th - 16thA6Qualifier1v1Escape Gaming - Euro Cup Qualifier DEscape Gaming - Euro Cup Qualifier D1 : 2United Kingdom Fayt 
2017-07-165th - 8thA2B-Tier1v1Slighty Random HDSlighty Random HD0 : 3Spain TaToH 
2017-07-165th - 8thA6Qualifier1v1Escape Gaming - Euro Cup Qualifier BEscape Gaming - Euro Cup Qualifier B0 : 2Austria Liereyy 
2017-07-099th - 16thA2B-Tier1v1Freedom Cup HDFreedom Cup HD1 : 2United States Spring 
2017-07-0933rd - 64thA6QualifierTeamSY Nations Cup 3: QualifierSY Nations Cup 3: QualifierCzech Republic BCzech Republic BCzech Republic B0 : 2Spain ASpain A 
2017-02-242nd - 8thA8Show M.1v1Regicide Rumble 2: Game 3Regicide Rumble 2: Game 3 
2017-02-109th - 13thA6Qualifier1v1Escape Gaming Masters #2 - Survival Guide: QualifierEscape Gaming Masters #2 - Survival Guide: Qualifier0 : 1Norway MbL 
2017-01-022ndA8Show M.1v1Salty Series - Metal vs DraConTSalty Series - Metal vs DraConT4 : 5United States Vardyn 
2016-12-119th - 16thA2B-Tier1v1Masters of Arena 4Masters of Arena 40 : 3Israel JonSlow 
2016-08-169th - 16thA2B-Tier1v1Master of IslandsMaster of Islands0 : 3Spain TaToH 
2016-04-1517th - 32ndA1A-Tier1v1Masters of MegaRandomMasters of MegaRandom0 : 2Vietnam ACCM 
2016-03-209th - 16thA1A-Tier1v1RM/DM Medley 2016RM/DM Medley 20161 : 3Ireland Melkor