Empire Wars

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Empire Wars (abbr. EW) is a game mode introduced in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition where all players start with a small town, economy and tasked villagers. It is recommended to play this game mode with Feudal Age start but it works for every start as well.

Starting Conditions[edit]

  • applies to all starting ages
  • 27 Villagers
    • 5 on gold
    • 11 on wood (distributed among 3 Lumber Camps)
    • 11 on food (5 on Farms and 6 on Berry Bushes)
  • 1 Scout
  • Loom researched
  • Barracks and Blacksmith available, as well as gathering points for all resources
  • Resources at the start: 200 wood, 200 food, 100 gold, and 200 stone

Play Notes[edit]

  • To offset Mayan and Chinese bonuses, they don’t receive extra Villagers, but also don’t start with less resources than other civilizations.
  • Players have fewer starting sheep and no wild boars.
  • Some maps may have variations on the Empire Wars mode, to fit their different starting conditions.


Additional Content[edit]