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[e][h]Ethiopians/Age of Empires II
Civilization Information
First introduced:
Archer civilization
Unique units:
Unique technologies:

The Ethiopians are an Age of Empires II civilisation.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-01-2019:30 UTCNations Cup Showmatch #4: France vs NorwayArabia4v4Ciskhan France Ethiopians
Sitaux France Khmer
Cl3m3nt France Magyars
Margougou France Mayans
KellarChinese Norway Kellar
Huns Norway MbL
Franks Norway TheViper
Vietnamese Norway Tor
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2023-01-1519:00 UTCWinter Cup 2022Oasis4v4John Hungary Hindustanis
KOiponty Hungary Lithuanians
wawa90 Hungary Saracens
Bandi Hungary Ethiopians
tromboneMongols Hungary trombone
Lithuanians Hungary Rolo
Saracens Hungary FISH
Franks Hungary Vasalarc
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2023-01-1519:00 UTCWinter Cup 2022MegaRandom4v4trombone Hungary Burgundians
Rolo Hungary Cumans
FISH Hungary Britons
Castigo Hungary Ethiopians
JohnMongols Hungary John
Persians Hungary KOiponty
Britons Hungary wawa90
Vietnamese Hungary Bandi
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2023-01-1415:30 UTCHera & TheViper vs Vivi & YoArabia2v2Vivi China Ethiopians
Yo China Magyars
HeraKhmer Canada Hera
Britons Norway TheViper
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2023-01-1114:00 UTCThe Delicious Showmatch 6Ghostly Goulash3v3TaToH Spain Saracens
miguel Brazil Persians
Yo China Ethiopians
TheViperEthiopians Norway TheViper
Franks Serbia DauT
Vietnamese Vietnam ACCM
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2023-01-0819:00 UTCNations Cup Showmatch #1: Romania vs United KingdomArabia4v4MasterTim Romania Ethiopians
saps Romania Gurjaras
Nectarie Romania Franks
Mihai06 Romania Tatars
HallisChinese United Kingdom Hallis
Magyars United Kingdom Fanjita
Hindustanis United Kingdom King_Boo
Mayans United Kingdom steak
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2023-01-0818:00 UTCWinter Cup 2022Oasis4v4squeak Slovakia Saracens
Fox_Mulder Hungary Mongols
Rudolfking Hungary Franks
hunsumir Hungary Ethiopians
BlablaSpanish Hungary Blabla
Teutons Hungary Lui
Koreans Hungary koole
Byzantines Hungary King Szyly
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2023-01-0818:00 UTCWinter Cup 2022MegaRandom4v4Blabla Hungary Mongols
Lui Hungary Franks
koole Hungary Britons
King Szyly Hungary Ethiopians
squeakHindustanis Slovakia squeak
Lithuanians Hungary Fox_Mulder
Tatars Hungary Rudolfking
Britons Hungary hunsumir
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2023-01-0720:00 UTCWinter Cup 2022Budapest4v4trombone Hungary Lithuanians
Rolo Hungary Hindustanis
Scipi Hungary Italians
Castigo Hungary Ethiopians
TheTivadarTeutons Hungary TheTivadar
Persians Hungary overkill
Britons Hungary Nnarol
Ethiopians Hungary COYOTE
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2023-01-0520:00 UTCWinter Cup 2022MegaRandom4v4dave_hun Hungary Hindustanis
Misplaymaker Hungary Lithuanians
Techno Hungary Ethiopians
Kavics Hungary Portuguese
XerxesPersians Hungary Xerxes
Poles Hungary SchleK PermadrunK
Malians Hungary Salytmacska
Mongols Hungary peppsi96
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