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"FreakinAndy" is an Austrian Age of Empires 2 player engaging mainly in Deathmatch. He is the brother of FreakinChris.


2021-03-15EA5 - 6thA3C-Tier1v1Masters of Arabia DMMasters of Arabia DM3 : 4India The_Dragonstar 
2021-02-27AA1stA1A-TierTeamDrunken ForestDrunken ForestTeam Modri3 : 1$600
2020-12-20EA5thA1A-TierTeamWinter's WarWinter's WarFreakin4 : 0$60
2020-11-26BA2ndA8Show M.TeamFreakin Brothers vs Daywalker & I2aGEFreakin Brothers vs Daywalker & I2aGEFreakin Brothers1 : 3 
2020-08-02CA3 - 4thA2B-Tier1v1Death Match World Cup 3 Silver LeagueDeath Match World Cup 3 Silver League1 : 4Austria FreakinChris$50
2020-07-24BA2ndA1A-TierTeam2020 AOElympics: Michi 2v22020 AOElympics: Michi 2v2Austria1 : 3 
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2021-04-0916:00 UTCA6QualifierDeath Match World Cup 4 QualifierDeath Match World Cup 4 Qualifier3:1Serbia DauTWatch VOD
2021-03-1515:00 UTCA3C-TierMasters of Arabia DMMasters of Arabia DM3:4India The_Dragonstar
2021-03-1221:00 UTCA3C-TierMasters of Arabia DMMasters of Arabia DM3:2Germany kelar
2021-03-05A3C-TierMasters of Arabia DMMasters of Arabia DM3:0United States HazZy
2021-02-2617:30 UTCA3C-TierMasters of Arabia DMMasters of Arabia DM2:3Germany StonePleaseAoE
2021-02-2019:00 UTCA3C-TierMasters of Arabia DMMasters of Arabia DM3:0France Wraith
2020-10-04A1A-Tier2020 AOElympics: Arena 1v12020 AOElympics: Arena 1v10:2Italy Vodka_L
2020-10-04A1A-Tier2020 AOElympics: MegaRandom 1v12020 AOElympics: MegaRandom 1v10:2Italy nanimaren
2020-10-04A1A-Tier2020 AOElympics: Land Nomad 1v12020 AOElympics: Land Nomad 1v10:2Spain Tomate
2020-10-04A1A-Tier2020 AOElympics: Water Nomad 1v12020 AOElympics: Water Nomad 1v1FF:WRussia Dench
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]