French (Age of Empires III)

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Civilization Information
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Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games that have VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2024-01-2116:00 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Mongolia (AoE3)1v1Jeri Austria FrenchKevinGermans France KevinWatch VOD (G4)
2024-01-1901:00 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Punjab1v1SoldieR United States Frenchminimoult21Spanish United States minimoult21Watch VOD (G5)
2024-01-1714:30 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Painted Desert (AoE3)1v1Meloncola Germany FrenchMoonshineSpanish Germany MoonshineWatch VOD (G3)
2024-01-1616:00 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Mexico (map)1v1swisherguts United States FrenchtabbenDutch Sweden tabbenWatch VOD (G4)
2024-01-1616:00 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Fertile Crescent1v1tabben Sweden FrenchswishergutsSpanish United States swishergutsWatch VOD (G1)
2024-01-1615:00 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Saguenay1v1KINGofOsmane Austria FrenchOptimusOttomans Germany OptimusWatch VOD (G2)
2024-01-1416:00 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Saguenay1v1JulianK Germany FrenchConquerer97Portuguese United States Conquerer97Watch VOD (G2)
2024-01-1401:00 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Saguenay1v1Mitoe Canada FrenchLopsidedFluffHaudenosaunee Australia LopsidedFluffWatch VOD (G2)
2024-01-1317:10 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Mexico (map)1v1Easy Germany Frenchminimoult21Spanish United States minimoult21Watch VOD (G4)
2024-01-1317:10 UTCESOC Winter Championship 2023Fertile Crescent1v1minimoult21 United States FrenchEasyLakota Germany EasyWatch VOD (G1)

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