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DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-05-1111:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2High View1v1Flash! China FrenchYUImetalFrench China YUImetalWatch VOD (G3)
2022-05-1011:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2Altai1v1misery China French昔旺Chinese China 昔旺Watch VOD (G3)
2022-05-1011:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2Altai1v1sunny China French派克特别闹Abbasid Dynasty China 派克特别闹Watch VOD (G3)
2022-05-1011:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2Mongolian Heights1v1artisticdawn338 China FrenchJamesAslanFrench China JamesAslanWatch VOD (G2)
2022-05-1011:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2King of the Hill (AoE4)1v1Viola China French陈老似Holy Roman Empire China 陈老似Watch VOD (G2)
2022-05-0913:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2Altai1v1catapult China FrenchneptuneAbbasid Dynasty China neptuneWatch VOD (G2)
2022-05-0911:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2Altai1v1sunny China French昔旺Delhi Sultanate China 昔旺Watch VOD (G3)
2022-05-0911:00 UTCAsian Champions League 2Mongolian Heights1v1JamesAslan China Frenchfatpenguin0v0English China fatpenguin0v0Watch VOD (G2)
2022-05-0717:45 UTCGolden LeagueArabia (AoE4)1v1LucifroN7 Spain FrenchVortiXEnglish Spain VortiXWatch VOD
2022-05-0715:00 UTCGolden LeagueArabia (AoE4)1v1MarineLorD France French1puppypawMongols Canada 1puppypawWatch VOD


Known for their cavalry, the French are a fearsome army whose armored knights and charges can tip the tides of battle.

The French civilization in Age of Empires IV spans the years 840-1559 CE and is based on a medieval France that fought its way from adversity to prosperity. Overcoming invasions, plagues and revolt, France emerged as a powerful modern nation.

Playing the French civilization will take you through the age of chivalry and honorable combat, to the time of Jeanne d’Arc and France’s darkest hour, to the formation of a disciplined standing army capable of liberating the nation with the roar of cannon fire.

The French civilization’s strength lies in their formidable army of knights, gunpowder siege weapons, and advantages in trade. French Traders have the unique ability to bring back any resources needed, a valuable trait during a resource shortage.

French cavalry charges can break enemy lines and give bonus damage, useful for hit-and-run tactics. French units also have access to several upgrades, ranging from special health to defense bonuses available only for certain French units.

The French have a unique Influence system, where units cost less from Archery Ranges and Stables around the Keep. Their Town Center can produce units quicker with each Age, a key advantage in hastening their economy. [1]


Unique Units[edit]

  • Royal Knight: The Royal Knight is the French civilization’s heavily armored knight, with their fearsome charge ability.
  • Arbalétrier: The Arbalétrier is a powerful range unit, who gains a special ability called Pavise—a deployable shield for ranged defense.
  • Cannon: The Cannon is a mobile gunpower siege weapon unique to the French. Unlike the Bombard, the Cannon does not need to pack and unpack.


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