Frisian Marshes

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2022-06-11 — Present

Frisian Marshes is an Age of Empires IV map created by Adne. The map was originally created for a mapping contest organised by Aussie Drongo, to which it received the third place after Holy Island and MirrorRandom. The map was originally named Frisia, but was changed after it was discovered that a similar name was already being used for an Age of Empires 2 map. Inspiration for the map came from a stream from Szalamii1, who suggested together with LidaKor that a map with several ponds would be interesting. Frisian Marshes indeed is featuring a couple of ponds that can be utilized for bonus food income.


Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-10-1617:10 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1Tristou France Abbasid DynastyOurkAbbasid Dynasty Switzerland Ourk
2022-10-1615:00 UTCThe Beef Tournament1v1Don Artie Netherlands FrenchMatizHoly Roman Empire Poland Matiz
2022-10-1518:00 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1Uzikoti France Holy Roman EmpireOurkHoly Roman Empire Switzerland OurkWatch VOD
2022-10-1417:00 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1Trakor France RusMUUUULfarFrench Canada MUUUULfarWatch VOD
2022-10-1318:30 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1Elyona France Holy Roman EmpireOurkHoly Roman Empire Switzerland OurkWatch VOD
2022-10-1317:00 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1Tristou France RusSitauxHoly Roman Empire France SitauxWatch VOD
2022-10-1217:00 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1MiMon France EnglishElyonaHoly Roman Empire France ElyonaWatch VOD
2022-10-1117:00 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1Uzikoti France Holy Roman EmpireDimpailleChinese France DimpailleWatch VOD
2022-10-1017:00 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1LeZouave France EnglishWraithChinese France WraithWatch VOD
2022-10-0916:30 UTCFrench Cup AoE41v1Trakor France RusElyonaHoly Roman Empire France ElyonaWatch VOD