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[e][h] ftwcheese
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FTW Cheese • FTWCheese

ftwcheese is a German Age of Empires IV player.



2022-01-22SR33 - 64thA0S-Tier1v1Winter ChampionshipWinter Championship0 : 2Austria Knuschelbär 
2022-01-18AE1 - 6thA6Qualifier1v1Ascendency Winter 22Ascendency Winter 225/0/0Grp S.$75
2022-01-11IG9 - 16thA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 3Winter Series 31 : 2Kyo 
2022-01-08SR33 - 63rdA6QualifierTeamAoE4 Pro League: QualifierAoE4 Pro League: QualifierForms of OppressionForms of OppressionForms of Oppression0 : 23D!Clan3D!Clan 
2022-01-05QO17 - 32ndA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 2Winter Series 21 : 2United Kingdom simtom 
2021-12-18QO17 - 32ndA0S-Tier1v1SteelSeries Prime CupSteelSeries Prime Cup0 : 2Australia HuT$125
2021-12-15EC5 - 8thA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 1Winter Series 10 : 2Russia Bee$100
2021-11-06QO17 - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1GENESIS QualifierGENESIS Qualifier0 : 2Germany JorDan_AoE 
2021-10-30IG9 - 16thA3C-Tier1v1Age of Empires 4 Launch WEEKEND Tournament - TurinAge of Empires 4 Launch WEEKEND Tournament - Turin0 : 1Greece TheMista 
2021-10-29QO17 - 32ndA3C-Tier1v1The Age of Empire RoyalThe Age of Empire Royal0 : 1Canada Top Khan 
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2022-01-2215:00 UTCA0S-TierWinter ChampionshipWinter Championship0:2Austria Knuschelbär
2022-01-1822:00 UTCA2B-TierAscendency Winter 22Ascendency Winter 221:0Germany StriKeR
2022-01-1821:00 UTCA2B-TierAscendency Winter 22Ascendency Winter 221:0Poland KróLu
2022-01-1820:00 UTCA2B-TierAscendency Winter 22Ascendency Winter 221:0France LaFaf
2022-01-1819:00 UTCA2B-TierAscendency Winter 22Ascendency Winter 221:0Australia Dinkey King
2022-01-1818:00 UTCA2B-TierAscendency Winter 22Ascendency Winter 22W:FFVietnam ACCM
2022-01-18A3C-TierNextGtv Gaming AoE TournamentNextGtv Gaming AoE Tournament2:0Germany Leminos
2022-01-18A3C-TierNextGtv Gaming AoE TournamentNextGtv Gaming AoE Tournament2:0Austria BageTT
2022-01-1121:15 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 31:2Vietnam Kyo
2022-01-1119:00 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 32:0South Korea Leenock
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]