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[e][h] Haitch
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Aitch • Hazza • Hazza54321
ESOC Winter Championship 2020: Pro Division AoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division

Haitch is a British Age of Empires III player.


2021-07-111stA0S-Tier1v1AoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro DivisionAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division5 : 2Canada Mitoe$1,500
2021-05-091stA8Show M.1v1EGCTV Blind Civ Series #3: Haitch vs KaiserkleinEGCTV Blind Civ Series #3: Haitch vs Kaiserklein4 : 1France Kaiserklein$300
2021-02-281stA1A-Tier1v1ESOC Challenge CupESOC Challenge Cup5 : 2Austria Knuschelbär$400
2020-11-291stA2B-TierTeamDraft League #2Draft League #2GarjoniansGarjoniansGarjonians4 : 3Little Lieutenant ColonelsLittle Lieutenant Colonels$35
2020-03-051stA0S-Tier1v1ESOC Winter Championship 2020: Pro DivisionESOC Winter Championship 2020: Pro Division5 : 3Canada Mitoe$750
2020-01-121stA1A-Tier1v1GUA December 2019 Subscriber TournamentGUA December 2019 Subscriber Tournament4 : 2France Kaiserklein$170
2019-07-145th - 6thA0S-Tier1v1New World ChampionshipNew World Championship1 : 3Germany LordRaphael$250
2019-03-231stA1A-TierTeamThe General's Table 2v2 InvitationalThe General's Table 2v2 InvitationalHazza54321 & KnuschelbärHazza54321 & KnuschelbärHazza54321 & Knuschelbär4 : 0Veni_Vidi_Vici_W & snowwwVeni_Vidi_Vici_W & snowww$125
2019-02-032ndA1A-Tier1v1New Year's ClassicNew Year's Classic1 : 4France Kaiserklein$100
2017-03-101stA2B-Tier1v1AoE3 Insight: New Years InvitationalAoE3 Insight: New Years Invitational5 : 3United States GiveUAnxiety$100
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2022-04-2316:20 UTCA0S-TierGolden League: Round 3Golden League: Round 3FF:WUnited States SoldieR
2022-04-2315:00 UTCA0S-TierGolden League: Round 3Golden League: Round 30:2United States State
2022-04-0915:00 UTCA0S-TierGolden League: Round 2Golden League: Round 20:2Norway TheViper
2022-04-09A0S-TierGolden League: Round 2Golden League: Round 20:1Vietnam MeomaikA
2022-04-09A0S-TierGolden League: Round 2Golden League: Round 21:0United Kingdom Phamut the Great
2022-03-2615:00 UTCA0S-TierGolden League: Round 1Golden League: Round 10:2France MarineLorD
2022-03-26A0S-TierGolden League: Round 1Golden League: Round 10:1China HappyCat
2022-03-15A1A-TierTitans ClashTitans Clash1:2Belgium WSA
2022-03-15A1A-TierTitans ClashTitans Clash0:2France Naheulbeuk
2022-03-15A1A-TierTitans ClashTitans Clash1:0 Dougie
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]