High Plains

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[e][h]High Plains
Map Information

High Plains is an Age of Empires III map.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2019-07-14New World Championship1v1Kaiserklein France GermanstabbenChinese Sweden tabbenWatch VOD (G6)
2019-07-14New World Championship1v1LordRaphael Germany LakotadiarougaOttomans France diarougaWatch VOD (G6)
2019-07-13New World Championship1v1diarouga France OttomanstabbenGermans Sweden tabbenWatch VOD (G6)
2019-07-13New World Championship1v1LordRaphael Germany LakotaKaiserkleinOttomans France KaiserkleinWatch VOD (G6)
2019-07-12New World Championship1v1Mitoe Canada JapaneseKaiserkleinGermans France KaiserkleinWatch VOD (G4)
2019-07-12New World Championship1v1LordRaphael Germany OttomansHazza54321Spanish United Kingdom Hazza54321Watch VOD (G3)
2019-07-11New World Championship1v1diarouga France PortugueseMitoeGermans Canada MitoeWatch VOD (G4)
2019-06-2215:00 UTCEscapeAoE Show Match - Aizamk vs SomppuKunkku1v1SomppuKunkku Finland HaudenosauneeAizamkOttomans Malaysia AizamkWatch VOD (G5)
2019-06-1616:00 UTCEscapeAoE Show Match - Kickass vs LoOk tOm1v1LoOk_tOm Brazil RussiansKickassGermans Brazil KickassWatch VOD (G6)
2019-06-06Sunday Smackdown #10: bwinner vs Tedere121v1Tedere12 Greece OttomansbwinnerSpanish France bwinnerWatch VOD