Hill and Dale

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[e][h]Hill and Dale
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Map Information
Relic Entertainment
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Competition Span:
2021-10-28 — Present

Hill and Dale is an Age of Empires IV map.


Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-01-1821:00 UTCAscendency Winter 221v1KróLu Poland Holy Roman EmpireftwcheeseMongols Germany ftwcheese
2022-01-1821:00 UTCAscendency Winter 221v1StriKeR Germany RusDinkey KingRus Australia Dinkey King
2022-01-1818:00 UTCWinner Stays On Round 61v1Beastyqt Serbia FrenchHeraHoly Roman Empire Canada Hera
2022-01-1421:00 UTCDominaticus Crown Cup #61v1GiveUAnxiety United States MongolsHAXHoly Roman Empire Poland HAX
2022-01-1314:00 UTCAoE4 Pro League3v3Dinkey King Australia Holy Roman Empire
Vegie Australia Chinese
Seither Australia Abbasid Dynasty
Bad KoalaAbbasid Dynasty China Bad Koala
Holy Roman Empire China Lyx
Chinese China vivi
2022-01-1304:00 UTCAoE4 Pro League: Qualifier3v31puppypaw Canada Chinese
Emzeeshady Canada Abbasid Dynasty
Wam01 Canada English
ACCMMongols Vietnam ACCM
Chinese Vietnam CooL
Holy Roman Empire Vietnam BacT
2022-01-1219:30 UTCWinter Series 31v1VortiX Spain Holy Roman EmpireMarineLorDHoly Roman Empire France MarineLorD
2022-01-1121:15 UTCWinter Series 31v1Kyo Vietnam Holy Roman EmpireftwcheeseChinese Germany ftwcheese
2022-01-1120:20 UTCWinter Series 31v1Hera Canada Holy Roman EmpireIamMagicChinese Canada IamMagic
2022-01-1120:00 UTCWinter Series 31v1Capoch Argentina Holy Roman EmpireVortiXChinese Spain VortiX