Hindustanis (Age of Empires II)

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Civilization Information
First introduced:
South Asian
Camel civilization
Gunpowder civilization
Unique buildings:
Unique technologies:

The Hindustanis are an Age of Empires II civilisation. With the release of the Dynasties of India expansion the Indians Indians were split into 3 new civs Bengalis Bengalis, Dravidians Dravidians, and Gurjaras Gurjaras, while the Indian civ was renamed to the Hindustanis Hindustanis.

Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-11-2616:00 UTCWarlordsLand Madness1v1Hera Canada HindustanisVinchesterFranks Russia VinchesterWatch VOD (G4)
2022-11-2609:00 UTCTaiwan Arena Clown Cup 2Arena1v1z40305125 Taiwan HindustanisSora KumaMalians Taiwan Sora KumaWatch VOD (G3)
2022-11-2016:00 UTCKing of Poland 2Arabia1v1ElNoniro Poland HindustanisRediRodionAztecs Poland RediRodionWatch VOD (G1)
2022-11-2012:00 UTCTaiwan Arena Clown Cup 2Arena1v1mmnnxyz Taiwan Hindustanisgkt_cloudBritons Taiwan gkt_cloudWatch VOD (G1)
2022-11-1914:00 UTCWarlordsLand Madness1v1Nicov Argentina HindustanisVinchesterFranks Russia VinchesterWatch VOD (G5)
2022-11-1907:00 UTCTaiwan Arena Clown Cup 2Arena1v1Rayz Taiwan HindustanisSora KumaTurks Taiwan Sora KumaWatch VOD (G2)
2022-11-1818:00 UTCWarlordsArabia1v1MbL40C Norway HindustanismiguelChinese Brazil miguelWatch VOD (G2)
2022-11-1816:00 UTCDouble Cup 3Caatinga1v1Uzzi Mexico HindustanisviviHuns China viviWatch VOD (G3)
2022-11-1816:00 UTCDouble Cup 3Four Quarters1v1vivi China HindustanisUzziPersians Mexico UzziWatch VOD (G2)
2022-11-1620:00 UTCNomad Wars 3Nomad3v3Barles Poland Saracens
Valas Finland Hindustanis
Nick United Kingdom Malay
steakMayans United Kingdom steak
Khmer United Kingdom Capy
Bengalis United Kingdom King_Boo
Watch VOD (G2)


Stake your claim to populous, diverse lands and lucrative trade routes as you parry foreign invasions – or step into the invader’s shoes yourself. The Hindustani unique units are the Ghulam, a heavily armored infantry unit adept against masses of archers, and the Imperial Camel Rider, a powerful unique upgrade to the Heavy Camel Rider.

The Hindustanis focus on camelry and gunpowder units. Their camelry attack faster than those of other civilizations and deal additional damage to buildings, while their gunpowder units are more heavily armored than their counterparts. The Hindustanis can also research the unique technology Shatagni, which increases the range of Hand Cannoneers.

The Hindustanis also have an excellent economy. Their Villagers are less expensive than those of other civilizations, and the unique technology Grand Trunk Road boosts all sources of gold income. Additionally, they can construct the Caravanserai, a building that heals and increases the speed of trade units within its vicinity.