Hindustanis (Age of Empires II)

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Civilization Information
First introduced:
South Asian
Camel civilization
Gunpowder civilization
Unique buildings:
Unique technologies:

The Hindustanis are an Age of Empires II civilisation. With the release of the Dynasties of India expansion the Indians Indians were split into 3 new civs Bengalis Bengalis, Dravidians Dravidians, and Gurjaras Gurjaras, while the Indian civ was renamed to the Hindustanis Hindustanis.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games that have VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2024-03-1217:00 UTCTown Center TangoAcclivity3v3Hera Canada Britons
DauT Serbia Hindustanis
TaToH Spain Saracens
classicproBritons Ukraine classicpro
Franks Russia Vinchester
Ethiopians Russia IAnTaGoNiStI
Watch VOD (G4)
2024-02-2017:00 UTC1v1 Arabia HunCup 2024Arabia1v1Sziky Hungary Hindustanisdave_hunChinese Hungary dave_hunWatch VOD (G6)
2024-02-1821:00 UTCCopa México 2024: ShowmatchGolden Pit1v1GUKI Mexico HindustanisGabiEthiopians Brazil GabiWatch VOD (G5)
2024-02-1717:10 UTCHidden Cup V - Showmatch 1Gold Rush1v1Daniel United States HindustanisMargougouVietnamese France MargougouWatch VOD (G6)
2024-02-0917:40 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierSlopes1v1Sobek Chile HindustanisSitauxMalians France SitauxWatch VOD (G4)
2024-02-0614:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierGold Rush1v1Margougou France HindustanisMihai06Georgians Romania Mihai06Watch VOD (G2)
2024-02-0515:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierSlopes1v1Hearttt Peru HindustanisViviBohemians China ViviWatch VOD (G1)
2024-02-0417:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierSlopes1v1Capoch Argentina HindustanisTheMbLMalay Norway TheMbLWatch VOD (G4)
2024-02-0415:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierSlopes1v1Daniel United States HindustanisBarlesMagyars Poland BarlesWatch VOD (G4)
2024-02-0117:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierGold Rush1v1Babaorum France HindustanisNicovBurgundians Argentina NicovWatch VOD (G2)


Stake your claim to populous, diverse lands and lucrative trade routes as you parry foreign invasions – or step into the invader’s shoes yourself. The Hindustani unique units are the Ghulam, a heavily armored infantry unit adept against masses of archers, and the Imperial Camel Rider, a powerful unique upgrade to the Heavy Camel Rider.

The Hindustanis focus on camelry and gunpowder units. Their camelry attack faster than those of other civilizations and deal additional damage to buildings, while their gunpowder units are more heavily armored than their counterparts. The Hindustanis can also research the unique technology Shatagni, which increases the range of Hand Cannoneers.

The Hindustanis also have an excellent economy. Their Villagers are less expensive than those of other civilizations, and the unique technology Grand Trunk Road boosts all sources of gold income. Additionally, they can construct the Caravanserai, a building that heals and increases the speed of trade units within its vicinity.