Holy Island

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[e][h]Holy Island
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2022-07-30 — Present

Holy Island is an Age of Empires IV map.


The map features an ocean that contains one island occupied by a Sacred Site. The name of the map refers to this particular island in the middle of the ocean. The map was heavily inspired by the Age of Empires Online map Treasure Island. It is the first map ever created by Adne.

Recent Tournament Appearances[edit]

This automatically generated table shows up to 10 most recent S-Tier and A-Tier tournaments.
Start dateEnd dateTournament
2023-02-182023-04-02Golden League IIGolden League IIGolden League II

Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-03-1216:40 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1MarineLorD France ChineseVortiXEnglish Spain VortiX
2023-03-1215:00 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1LucifroN7 Spain EnglishMarineLorDChinese France MarineLorD
2023-03-1120:00 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1Wam01 Canada ChineseLucifroN7Rus Spain LucifroN7
2023-03-1118:00 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1MarineLorD France ChineseVortiXHoly Roman Empire Spain VortiXWatch VOD
2023-03-1116:30 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1Beastyqt Serbia ChineseLucifroN7Holy Roman Empire Spain LucifroN7Watch VOD
2023-03-0520:25 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1MarineLorD France Holy Roman Empire1puppypawHoly Roman Empire Canada 1puppypawWatch VOD
2023-03-0518:15 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1Bee Russia Holy Roman EmpireBeastyqtChinese Serbia BeastyqtWatch VOD
2023-03-0516:30 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1LucifroN7 Spain ChineseVortiXChinese Spain VortiXWatch VOD
2023-03-0515:00 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1Leenock South Korea EnglishLucifroN7Rus Spain LucifroN7
2023-03-0417:15 UTCGolden League 2: Round 21v1Szalamii1 Hungary RusBeastyqtHoly Roman Empire Serbia BeastyqtWatch VOD