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[e][h] Huehuecoyotl22
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Player Information
(12-22) December 22
Years Active:
2012 - Present

"Huehuecoyotl22" is a Danish Age of Empires II organizer, tournament host and map creator.


Huehuecoyotl22 started to become involved in the Age of Empires II community in 2012. From autumn 2014 until summer 2017, he posted recorded games of expert players on AoEZone, until that job later became automated. During that time he also was involved in connecting the Chinese and international commnunity. In April 2017, he started doing extensive interviews with players, casters and map scripters, mostly focusing on people who were not the most well-known to public at that time.

Since spring 2020, he has also hosted a number of tournaments, starting with the 2020 AOElympics, always with the aims to bring something new nobody else does, and to include everybody who wants to participate.

After working together with various map scripters for his tournaments, he also started scripting his own maps for his and some other smaller tournaments, with the first one being featured in an A tier tournament being Tenochtitlan in Terra Nova in October 2020.


The following of his maps have been used in tournaments. Several of the maps are collaborative maps with other map scripters (Danakil, Desert Bara, Enemy Islands, Rivulet, Snakepit, Tenochtitlan).

He also has updated some older maps to 2-Town Center-start versions without many other changes for his Double Cup series.


  • He has done over 30 interviews with people from the Age of Empires II community. They can be found here (signature).
  • His favourite civilisations are Aztecs and Mongols, whose history he has intensively studied and therefore chosen his nickname after the Aztec god of music
  • He often emphasizes on environmental issues and/or geographic/geological aspects in his maps and tournaments
  • He is very interested in languages and has intermediate to full knowledge of the following languages: German, Danish, English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese
  • His favourite AoE 2 player is Air_Abu