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Civilization Information
First introduced:
Central European
Cavalry civilization
Unique units:
Unique technologies:

The Huns are an Age of Empires II civilisation.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games that have VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-12-0621:00 UTCCopa 3k LibertadoresFour Lakes1v1Capoch Argentina HunsLucky RoxMalians Argentina Lucky RoxWatch VOD (G3)
2023-12-0617:00 UTCNili's Apartment Cup V: Qualifier 1Golden Lakes1v1Overtaken Estonia HunsHeartttLithuanians Peru HeartttWatch VOD (G4)
2023-12-0320:00 UTCComa CupBlack Forest4v4Multimorbid Germany Portuguese
nicolascageofempires Sweden Huns
Scandalf Italy Ethiopians
darvoi United Kingdom Poles
capramontanaAztecs Italy capramontana
Japanese United States Rooster
Lithuanians Turkey roggy
Byzantines Germany TheVuki
Watch VOD (G2)
2023-12-0318:00 UTCGB Hidden Cup 2Land Madness1v1darvoi United Kingdom HunsHallisGurjaras United Kingdom HallisWatch VOD (G2)
2023-12-0119:00 UTCComa CupBlack Forest4v4boosthatejohn France Malians
Mununez United States Huns
odemeister Finland Sicilians
tulendeena Australia Portuguese
sapsVikings Romania saps
Burmese United States Grinchy Noob
Magyars United States Kazi
Byzantines United States Sensar
Watch VOD (G3)
2023-11-3018:30 UTCGB Hidden Cup 2Land Madness1v1darvoi United Kingdom HunsTedGurjaras United Kingdom TedWatch VOD (G2)
2023-11-2620:00 UTCComa CupBlack Forest4v4Tiggerr Canada Incas
nicolascageofempires Sweden Huns
Scandalf Italy Japanese
darvoi United Kingdom Hindustanis
tulendeenaMalians Australia tulendeena
Teutons United States Mununez
Persians United States Johan
Mayans Finland odemeister
Watch VOD (G1)
2023-11-2618:00 UTCComa CupBlack Forest4v4Kr1lle Sweden Japanese
Juyhou Finland Dravidians
Rodney McKay Netherlands Huns
Mo_Tastic United States Byzantines
silverstarBurmese Canada silverstar
Sicilians Russia Fresh To Death
Magyars Germany Memeluksen
Malians Portugal salva.dope
Watch VOD (G3)
2023-11-2618:00 UTCComa CupBlack Forest4v4c3mbrich Spain Dravidians
Legion64 India Huns
Chrisyboo United Kingdom Celts
Yakul Sweden Turks
Ondrej94Malay Slovakia Ondrej94
Teutons Sweden BuLLeT
Persians Germany KnightLifeAoC
Malians Germany Gurke
Watch VOD (G1)
2023-11-2218:00 UTCGB Hidden Cup 2Land Madness1v1King_Boo United Kingdom HunssteakGurjaras United Kingdom steakWatch VOD (G3)