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[e][h] IamAvely
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The Resurrection: Playoffs

IamAvely is a German Age of Mythology player.


2022-01-08QO17 - 32ndA6QualifierTeamAoE4 Pro League: QualifierAoE4 Pro League: QualifierAoM guys and MatizAoM guys and MatizAoM guys and Matiz0 : 2New PlayersNew Players 
2021-12-15SR33 - 64thA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 1Winter Series 10 : 2France MarineLorD 
2016-08-02PP16 - 32ndA6Qualifier1v1MiracleHappens (Qualifier)MiracleHappens (Qualifier)FF : Wcarrico 
2016-07-10IG9 - 16thA0S-Tier1v1AoT Spring TournamentAoT Spring Tournament1/0/2Grp S. 
2014-10-10EC5 - 8thA1A-Tier1v1Summer InvitationalSummer Invitational 
2014-05-12DA4thA1A-Tier1v1PK AoT Tournament 4PK AoT Tournament 4 
2013-08-05DA4thA1A-Tier1v12013 Summer Expert Tournament2013 Summer Expert Tournament 
2013-07-28CA3rdA2B-Tier1v1AoT Tournament IIIAoT Tournament III3 : 2Austria Ghostlake$10
2012-09-13AA1stA0S-Tier1v1The Resurrection: PlayoffsThe Resurrection: Playoffs6 : 3France Adhafang$400
2012-02-04CA3rdA2B-Tier1v1The Art of WarThe Art of War5 : 1BackfromOuter$50
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2022-01-1420:00 UTCA3C-TierDominaticus Crown Cup #6Dominaticus Crown Cup #60:1United States GiveUAnxiety
2022-01-1117:00 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 30:2Russia Bee
2022-01-0417:00 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 2Winter Series 20:2Serbia DauT
2021-12-1717:30 UTCA3C-TierThe Gran Turino #5The Gran Turino #50:1Brazil Erik
2021-12-1517:00 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 1Winter Series 10:2France MarineLorD
2021-12-1018:20 UTCA3C-TierThe Gran Turino #4The Gran Turino #40:1Finland Mixu
2016-08-02A1A-TierMiracleHappens (Qualifier)MiracleHappens (Qualifier)0:4Portugal carrico
2016-08-02A1A-TierMiracleHappens (Qualifier)MiracleHappens (Qualifier)0:4France Thomas_Shelby
2016-08-02A1A-TierMiracleHappens (Qualifier)MiracleHappens (Qualifier)0:0New Zealand Jollyman
2016-05-17A0S-TierAoT Spring TournamentAoT Spring Tournament1:3Portugal PLAYER
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]