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Age of Empires II

InDuS is the oldest Indian Age of Empires clan, founded in 2007 on Voobly.[1]
Through the years they have both participated in and organized various events and tournaments, most recently being a finalist in InDuS Cup #1, which was the biggest Indian Age of Empires tournament ever with a prize pool of $1000.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
India Av3stan Hiten 2013-01-18
India Topspin Homya 2007-07-05
India Onkar Onkar 2011-06-06
India Blitz Sriram 2017-08-18
India HELLRAZER Aman 2017-08-18
India Go0fy Sharad 2017-12-09
India Luxman Nitesh 2011-02-19
India The_Dragonstar Ashwin 2020-11-20
India Jaymz Prasad 2020-11-24
India MrWrong Pammi 2020-11-24
India Stranger Stranger 2020-11-24


Inactive Squad
ID Name Join Date
India Taurus Prahlad 2013-01-18
India QuickSilver Dhruv 2017-08-18
India Skunk Rahul 2017-08-18
India Kauphy Kauphy 2017-08-18
India Ace Shreyas 2017-08-18
India L_Clan_Pr0wler Niranjan 2017-12-09
India Bish Bish 2018-02-13
India Rish Rishab 2018-02-13
India Death_ Gaurav Gupta 2020-11-24
India ImmortaL Sachin 2020-11-24
India GRVS Gaurav 2020-11-24
India Julius Biswajeet 2020-11-24
India Kirkiri Keshav 2020-11-24
India Inven (RIP) Sasi 2020-11-24
India Novice (RIP) Nishank 2020-11-24


2021-11-14SR33 - 64thA7Misc2v2 Dodgeball Championships2v2 Dodgeball Championships0 : 2DS HurlinghamDS Hurlingham 
2020-11-01BA2ndA2B-TierInDuS CupInDuS CupStackersStackers$400
2013-08-04QO17 - 32ndA0S-TierThe Medieval Wars 2013The Medieval Wars 20130/0/2Grp S. 
2013-07-13AR1 - 24thA6QualifierThe Medieval Wars 2013: QualifierThe Medieval Wars 2013: Qualifier2 : 1BerserkersBerserkers 
2011-05-22AO1 - 16thA6QualifierWorld Clan League 7: QualifiersWorld Clan League 7: Qualifiers2 : 0Warriors of the CrossWarriors of the Cross 
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2022-08-14AA1stA3C-TierAge of Empires IIMaggie Summer Cup IIMaggie Summer Cup IIThe_Dragonstar India4 : 2Germany Annotoph$31
2022-07-29QG17 - 24thA0S-TierAge of Empires IIT90 Titans League: Platinum LeagueT90 Titans LeagueT90 Titans LeagueT90 Titans League: Platinum LeagueThe_Dragonstar India1/0/4Grp S.$270
2022-07-10IG9 - 16thA6QualifierAge of Empires IIRMS Cup 2: Qualifier 2RMS CupRMS CupRMS Cup 2: Qualifier 2The_Dragonstar India1 : 3Norway MbL40C$200
2022-07-08EC5 - 8thA2B-TierAge of Empires IIKingsnipe CupKingsnipe CupDragonstar India0 : 2Sweden Ganji$20
2022-07-03IG9 - 16thA6QualifierAge of Empires IIRMS Cup 2: Qualifier 1RMS CupRMS CupRMS Cup 2: Qualifier 1Dragonstar India2 : 3Russia Vinchester 
2022-06-13QG17 - 24thA1A-TierAge of Empires IIOnly Land CupOnly Land CupThe_Dragonstar India2 : 3China Vivi 
2022-06-09EC5 - 8thA2B-TierAge of Empires IIBattle for Scotland: Gold LeagueBattle for Scotland: Gold LeagueThe_Dragonstar India0 : 3Spain TaToH$25
2022-05-27EC5 - 8thA2B-TierAge of Empires IIVululu InvitationalVululu InvitationalThe_Dragonstar India0 : 3Argentina Nicov$50
2022-04-07CA3 - 4thA5WeeklyAge of Empires IIJorDan's Medieval Brawl Season 1 #1JorDan's Medieval BrawlJorDan's Medieval BrawlJorDan's Medieval Brawl Season 1 #1The_Dragonstar India1 : 2Finland Villese$37
2014-05-25AA1stA3C-TierAge of Empires IIBattle for PanipatBattle for Panipat_TauruS_ India5 : 2Quick_Silver$86
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