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Map Information

Kamchatka is an Age of Empires III map.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-02-0119:45 UTCAll Stars Showmatch: Capoch vs Breeze1v1Revnak Turkey RussiansCapochOttomans Argentina Capoch
2021-09-2614:00 UTCAoE3 Legacy Tournament1v1Mitoe Canada ChineseKaiserkleinBritish France Kaiserklein
2021-08-2017:30 UTCEGCTV Blind Civ Series Charity Special: Don Artie vs LukasL1v1LukasL Germany AztecsDon ArtieSwedes Netherlands Don Artie
2021-07-1121:00 UTCAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division1v1Mitoe Canada ChineseHaitchFrench United Kingdom HaitchWatch VOD (G2)
2021-07-1015:00 UTCAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division1v1Knuschelbär Austria SwedesMitoeChinese Canada MitoeWatch VOD (G3)
2021-06-2718:30 UTCAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division1v1kaister United States SwedesKnuschelbärJapanese Austria KnuschelbärWatch VOD (G3)
2021-06-2320:30 UTCAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division1v1Pérez Spain JapaneseLukas_L99Aztecs Germany Lukas_L99Watch VOD (G4)
2021-06-2319:00 UTCAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division1v1Ezad Germany IndiansDon ArtieDutch Netherlands Don ArtieWatch VOD (G4)
2021-06-2118:00 UTCAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division1v1KINGofOsmane Austria SwedesMitoeChinese Canada MitoeWatch VOD (G4)
2021-06-2019:30 UTCAoE3 Global Championship 2021: Pro Division1v1iamturk Turkey JapanesekaisterSwedes United States kaisterWatch VOD (G4)