King of the Hill (AoE4)

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[e][h]King of the Hill
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Map Information
Relic Entertainment
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Competition Span:
2021-10-28 — Present

King of the Hill is an Age of Empires IV map.


Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-12-1717:15 UTCTorneio de Duplas - GT2v2GT_KraWz French
mjerticla Portugal English
GKS_AOEDelhi Sultanate Brazil GKS_AOE
English Brazil Wterror
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2022-12-1716:15 UTCTorneio de Duplas - GT1v1
2022-12-1120:00 UTCRising Empires Weeklies 13: The Warchief Club1v1Matiz Poland RusDivineDFPHoly Roman Empire United States DivineDFP
2022-12-1018:40 UTCAoE4 Meta Plays Season 1: Fleur-de-lis1v1AltCtrl United States ChinesesimtomHoly Roman Empire United Kingdom simtom
2022-12-1016:00 UTCAoE4 Meta Plays Season 1: Fleur-de-lis1v1Chrysaor Switzerland EnglishDivineDFPEnglish United States DivineDFP
2022-12-0418:00 UTCWinter Team Championship2v2VortiX Spain Holy Roman Empire
TheMista Greece Malians
MarineLorDRus France MarineLorD
Ottomans United Kingdom DeMusliM
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2022-11-2715:00 UTCWinter Team Championship3v3Leenock South Korea Rus
SortOf Sweden Holy Roman Empire
State United States Malians
JinmoHoly Roman Empire South Korea Jinmo
Malians South Korea airstrike900
Ottomans South Korea victo
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2022-11-2617:20 UTCWinter Team Championship3v3Flash! China Malians
Shiki China Holy Roman Empire
Xjbd2022 China Rus
BeastyqtMalians Serbia Beastyqt
Rus France MarineLorD
Ottomans United Kingdom DeMusliM
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2022-11-2616:20 UTCWinter Team Championship3v3Jinmo South Korea Holy Roman Empire
airstrike900 South Korea Malians
victo South Korea Chinese
LucifroN7French Spain LucifroN7
Holy Roman Empire Spain VortiX
Malians Greece TheMista
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2022-11-2612:00 UTCSanctuary Cup1v1Tristou France OttomansElyonaFrench France Elyona