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Civilization Information
First introduced:
East Asian
Defensive civilization
Naval civilization
Unique units:

The Koreans are an Age of Empires II civilisation.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-01-1215:00 UTCJorDan_AoE vs VinchesterNomad1v1JorDan_AoE Germany KoreansVinchesterBohemians Russia VinchesterWatch VOD (G1)
2021-12-2815:00 UTCGamerLegion vs White Wolf Palace (5)Nomad4v4Yo China Berbers
lyx China Cumans
Paladin China Indians
Bad Koala China Koreans
TheViperBerbers Norway TheViper
Malians Spain TaToH
Mongols Serbia DauT
Italians Germany JorDan_AoE
Watch VOD (G3)
2021-12-2815:00 UTCGamerLegion vs White Wolf Palace (5)Nomad4v4TheViper Norway Lithuanians
TaToH Spain Vikings
DauT Serbia Khmer
JorDan_AoE Germany Koreans
YoSpanish China Yo
Turks China lyx
Persians China Paladin
Malay China Bad Koala
Watch VOD (G1)
2021-10-1619:30 UTCRage ForestBlack Forest4v4Modri Slovenia Burmese
FreakinAndy Austria Koreans
Sensar United States Franks
Fanjita United Kingdom Poles
SomeroIncas Czechia Somero
Celts Canada slam
Cumans Canada Jimmy2Timez
Vietnamese United States IamZak
Watch VOD (G4)
2021-10-1019:00 UTCRage ForestBlack Forest4v4Modri Slovenia Byzantines
FreakinAndy Austria Koreans
Sensar United States Spanish
Fanjita United Kingdom Turks
NoLoVietnamese Turkey NoLo
Bulgarians Czechia Dratek
Tatars United States Pro_Tastic
Bohemians Poland Barles
Watch VOD (G4)
2021-10-1017:00 UTCRage ForestBlack Forest4v4Valas Finland Aztecs
Professor4k Turkey Huns
c3mbrich Spain Koreans
chaos_2_win Germany Burmese
SomeroLithuanians Czechia Somero
Ethiopians Canada slam
Persians Canada Jimmy2Timez
Malay Turkey yanki
Watch VOD (G1)
2021-10-1015:45 UTCHOLY CupYam Suph1v1DauT Serbia KoreansLiereyyPersians Austria LiereyyWatch VOD (G4)
2021-10-0319:00 UTCRage ForestBlack Forest4v4Modri Slovenia Byzantines
FreakinAndy Austria Teutons
Sensar United States Persians
Fanjita United Kingdom Koreans
JonSlowAztecs Israel JonSlow
Saracens Russia Fresh To Death
Burgundians Serbia DauT
Burmese Germany kylar_
Watch VOD (G2)
2021-09-2816:00 UTCRage ForestBlack Forest4v4Vinchester Russia Britons
PhillipHJS Germany Koreans
Annotoph Germany Franks
silverstar Canada Portuguese
chaos_2_winMayans Germany chaos_2_win
Celts Poland Zastosy
Cumans Hungary ___John___
Aztecs Finland Valas
Watch VOD (G1)
2021-09-2718:00 UTCRage ForestBlack Forest4v4Jerry United States Byzantines
bruh Brazil Sicilians
Imperio_cc Germany Koreans
Kasva Turkey Goths
kylar_Lithuanians Germany kylar_
Mongols Serbia DauT
Huns Russia Fresh To Death
Mayans Poland Dziamdziak
Watch VOD (G1)