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[e][h]AftermathAftermath Liereyy
Player Information
Kai Kallinger
2002 (age 20-21)
Europe Europe
Years Active:
2016 - Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
Age of Empires II
Age of Empires IV (Inactive)
Tournament (AoE2):
2421 (current)
2421 (highest)
RM Voobly (AoE2):
2625 (highest)
Battle of Africa 2Red Bull Wololo IIKing of the Desert 3Two Pools 2Red Bull Wololo IVEmpire Wars Duo 2Battle of Africa 3
????-??-?? — 2017-10-17
2017-10-17 — 2020-10-03
2020-10-03 — 2021-07-23
2021-08-18 — Present

Kai "Liereyy" Kallinger is an Austrian Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV (Inactive) player who is currently playing for Aftermath.


Liereyy first rose to prominence when he qualified for Escape Gaming - Euro Cup LAN event and finished second behind TheViper. He joined the Aftermath clan shortly after, and the team took second place in Battle of Africa and Escape Champions League, and first place in Battle of Africa 2. Liereyy was also collecting impressive performances in 1v1 tournaments, finishing second place in King of the Desert, Nili's Apartment Cup, and King of the Desert 2.

His first major 1v1 tournament win came in Red Bull Wololo II in 2020. In October of that year, he left Aftermath and joined Tempo Storm alongside former Aftermath teammate Hera and won King of the Desert 3 shortly after, and went on to win Red Bull Wololo IV in 2021. In July of 2021, he parted ways with Tempo Storm. Hera joined him in August and they both rejoined Aftermath, winning Empire Wars Duo 2 together only weeks later.

In February 2022, Liereyy announced that he would also start focusing on Age of Empires IV in preparation for the upcoming Golden League tournament.[1]


2023-03-192ndS-TierNili's Apartment Cup IVNili's Apartment Cup IV
4 : 5$13,719.52
2022-12-172ndS-TierThe Grand MeleeThe Grand Melee
4 : 5$20,000
2022-10-292ndS-TierRed Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires IIRed Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires II
2 : 4$30,000
2022-06-261stS-TierBattle of Africa 3Battle of Africa 3
5 : 4
2021-09-192ndS-TierRed Bull Wololo VRed Bull Wololo V
3 : 4$17,000
2021-09-051stS-TierEmpire Wars Duo 2Empire Wars Duo 2
Aftermath BAftermath B
4 : 2
2021-06-271stS-TierRed Bull Wololo IVRed Bull Wololo IV
Tempo StormTempo Storm
4 : 3$8,000
2020-10-251stS-TierKing of the Desert 3King of the Desert 3
Tempo StormTempo Storm
6 : 3$17,000
2020-08-231stS-TierRed Bull Wololo IIRed Bull Wololo II
4 : 3$8,000
2020-06-071stS-TierBattle of Africa 2Battle of Africa 2
5 : 4
Team SecretTeam Secret
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2023-09-1719:20 UTCA0S-TierT90 Titans League 3: Platinum LeagueT90 Titans League 3: Platinum League2:1Spain TaToH
2023-09-1018:00 UTCA1A-TierClash of EmpiresClash of Empires5:3Serbia DauT
2023-09-0919:00 UTCA1A-TierClash of EmpiresClash of Empires4:2Norway TheViper
2023-09-0916:00 UTCA0S-TierT90 Titans League 3: Platinum LeagueT90 Titans League 3: Platinum League3:0Ukraine classicpro
2023-09-0318:50 UTCA1A-TierClash of EmpiresClash of Empires3:1Spain TaToH
2023-08-2716:00 UTCA1A-TierClash of EmpiresClash of Empires3:2Vietnam ACCM
2023-08-2017:45 UTCA1A-TierClash of EmpiresClash of Empires3:1Brazil dogao
2023-05-2319:10 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert VKing of the Desert V0:3France Sitaux
2023-05-1413:10 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert VKing of the Desert V3:0Ukraine classicpro
2023-05-1216:15 UTCA0S-TierKing of the Desert VKing of the Desert V3:0Russia repard
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]

Gear and Settings[edit]

Hardware (list of)
Mouse Mousepad
Razer Mamba Elite SteelSeries
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma
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  • Liereyy is well known for his high level micro management skills with archer units.
  • Liereyy likes to play aggressive and therefore doesn't like walling strategies.
  • Liereyy is often called "the kid" by MembTV.
  • Liereyy is often called "El niño Maravilla" by Mario Ovalle.
  • A common nickname for Liereyy, used by the community, is "Larry".
  • In the "Top 50 best Age of Empires 2 players of all time" ranking, which was published on in December 2020, Liereyy was voted in the 8th place by various other expert players. Furthermore, he also was designated with the title "The Micro Nerd".[2]
  • Liereyy is known for not playing Age of Empires II as frequently and regularly as other top players.
  • He started playing Age of Empires II at the age of 8/9.


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