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[e][h] Liereyy
Player Information
Kai Kallinger
Years Active (Player):
2016 - Present
Total Earnings:
Battle of Africa 2 Red Bull Wololo II King of the Desert 3
2017-10-17 — 2020-10-03
2020-10-03 — Present

Kai "Liereyy" Kallinger is an Austrian Age of Empires II player who is currently playing for Tempo Storm.


2021-01-24BA2ndA0S-Tier1v1Red Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo IIITempo Storm3 : 4Serbia DauT$5,000
2020-10-25AA1stA0S-Tier1v1King of the Desert 3King of the Desert 3Tempo Storm6 : 3Norway MbL$17,000
2020-08-23AA1stA0S-Tier1v1Red Bull Wololo IIRed Bull Wololo IIAftermath4 : 3Canada Hera$8,000
2020-06-07AA1stA0S-TierTeamBattle of Africa 2Battle of Africa 2Aftermath5 : 4$2,000
2019-09-01BA2ndA0S-TierTeamEscape Champions League LAN FinalsEscape Champions League LAN FinalsAftermath2 : 5$500
2019-05-11AA1stA1A-TierTeamEscape Champions League Americas 4v4Escape Champions League Americas 4v4Aftermath3 : 0$600
2019-04-14AA1stA1A-TierTeamEscape Champions League Americas 2v2Escape Champions League Americas 2v2Aftermath3 : 0$901
2019-03-17AA1stA1A-TierTeamEscape Champions League Southeast Asia 3v3Escape Champions League Southeast Asia 3v3Aftermath3 : 2$402
2019-02-03BA2ndA0S-Tier1v1King of the Desert 2King of the Desert 2Aftermath3 : 5Norway TheViper$2,500
2018-11-18AA1stA1A-TierTeamEscape Champions League Middle East 3v3Escape Champions League Middle East 3v3Aftermath3 : 2$402
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2021-02-2814:00 UTCA2B-TierEllie's Charity InvitationalEllie's Charity Invitational1:2Norway MbL
2021-02-2717:00 UTCA2B-TierEllie's Charity InvitationalEllie's Charity Invitational2:0Canada slam
2021-02-1317:00 UTCA8Show M.Hidden Cup 4 - Promo Showmatch - MbL vs LiereyyHidden Cup 4 - Promo Showmatch - MbL vs Liereyy3:2Norway MbL
2021-01-2420:00 UTCA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo III3:4Serbia DauTWatch VOD
2021-01-2415:00 UTCA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo III3:1Finland VilleseWatch VOD
2021-01-2320:00 UTCA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo III3:2Canada HeraWatch VOD
2021-01-1713:55 UTCA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo III2:0Spain TaToHWatch VOD
2021-01-1615:30 UTCA0S-TierRed Bull Wololo IIIRed Bull Wololo III2:0United States DanielWatch VOD
2020-11-0816:15 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20203:6Norway TheViperWatch VOD
2020-11-0814:45 UTCA1A-TierTournament Champions League 2020Tournament Champions League 20201:0Canada HeraWatch Game 1
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  • Liereyy is well known for his high level micro management skills with archer units.
  • Liereyy likes to play aggressive and therefore doesn't like walling strategies.
  • Liereyy is often called "the kid" by MembTV.
  • A common nick name for Liereyy, used by the community, is "Larry".
  • In the "Top 50 best Age of Empires 2 players of all time" ranking, which was published on in December 2020, Liereyy was voted in the 8th place by various other expert players. Furthermore, he also was designated with the title "The Micro Nerd".[1]