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Please note that inclusion of pages in mainspace is ultimately up to the discretion of the Liquipedia staff.

Sadly, not everything can be added to the wiki. We want all our pages to be as up-to-date as possible and to meet our quality standards in general. That is made harder the more pages are created, not to mention additional factors, such as the fact that lower ranked teams tend to not have social media where they announce transfers, and so on.

Now, these are not non-negotiable. This wiki contains coverage of certain teams, players and scenes that do not actually meet our guidelines, however they are considered to be of special importance to their local scene or to Age of Empires history as a whole. Any pages that do not meet these guidelines will not be deleted, but will be moved to your user space.

If you disagree with the decision for a certain page, please do come chat in our Discord Discord.



Players may receive their individual pages, as long as they surpass a certain threshold of notability. Check the bullet points below. If your chosen player fits at least one of these, then they are likely notable to warrant a page on this wiki.

  • 1v1 Achievements: If the player has achieved notable results in 1v1 tournaments.
  • Team Achievements: If the player has achieved notable results in team tournaments.
  • Previous history: If the player was a professional player in another game (Warcraft III, StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft 2, ...)


Tournaments with a cash prize of at least $50 USD (except Show Matches, where the requirement is $150 USD) should be added right away for documentary purposes. They are required to have a verifiable public source for results. Sources such as a website, a social media page or other third party platforms, need to provide such material and be kept up to date.

Tiers guidelines[edit]

  • S-tier:
    • Major Offline event with top players OR
    • 5000USD+ Prizepool
  • A-tier:
    • 2000USD+ Prizepool OR
    • 1000USD+ Prizepool with Large number of top players particpating
  • B-tier:
    • 250 USD+ Prizepool OR
    • 50 USD+ Prizepool with large number of top players
  • C-tier:
    • 50USD+ Prizepool
    • No more than one or two top players
  • On non professional and low-ELO tournaments:
    • If an event features a large prizepool and directs major attention to the aoe scene it can be added even if it doesn't feature major players.
    • Small scale tournaments with a maximum ELO should NOT be added even if they meet the prizepool guidlines

User pages[edit]

Completely optional, but make your userpage a good indication of who you are!