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Player Information
Pedro Moreno Durán
(1991-10-31) October 31, 1991 (age 30)
Years Active:
2021 - Present
Total Earnings:
Alternate IDs:
QM Elo (AoE IV):
1980 (current)
1980 (highest)
AoE4 Pro League

Pedro "LucifroN" Durán (born October 31, 1991) is a Spanish Age of Empires IV player.

He is also a retired professional player of Warcraft III, Starcraft II and, Heroes of the Storm.


He is a former professional player in Warcraft III, Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm. His competitive gaming career echoed that of his younger brother VortiX who was also a professional player in all 3 games, they even played on the same 3 teams in Heroes of the Storm.

He started his professional gaming career in Warcraft III were he finished second in the Blizzcon 2008 Warcraft III tournament earning him acclaim and recognition. One year later he won the BlizzCon 2009 Europe Regional Finals and placed top 6 at Blizzcon 2009, he would go on to have strong results in tournaments until he retired in late 2010 to focus on Starcraft II

His early starcraft II career included many strong results in many European events from early 2010 until late 2011, however he was mainly playing part-time as he focused on his studies. In 2012 he had many strong results, however he was constantly stopped from progressing further by being beaten by his brother. He came 3rd in the 2012 World Championship Series Europe. During the 2012 World Championship, he made it easily out of his group but then he had to play against VortiX for the third time in 3 WCS events. Like in the European Final, he was unable to overcome his brothers, and thus was eliminated in the round of 16. Throughout the rest of his career in Starcraft II, he still had strong results in Europe but was break into the top of the foreign scene or made a splash globally before he finally retired once and for all in late 2016.

In August 2014 he started to play Heroes of the Storm during its alpha stage, joining team El NeXo with his brother which later became Team Liquid. His team had several strong results in the European region including a top 6 at the 2015 European Championship. He played with team liquid until 2016 when he retired from competitive play in 2016 to complete his bachelor's degree.[1] He returned to Heroes June 2017 when he joined Bushido eSports a team created by his brother "Ryo" and played until competitively until retiring again from heroes early 2018.

In August of 2021 he started playing AoE2:DE casually, later switching to AoEIV on its release.

Age of Empires IV[edit]

LucifroN started playing Age of Empires IV during its Beta stage, well before the game's official release date on October 28th, 2021. During the last closed beta, he showed his early dominance as he was the number one player in the closed-beta leaderboard ranking.

On November 6, 2021, LucifroN played in the Genesis Qualifier, AoE4's first big S tier tournament. He qualified for the main event by defeating Don Artie 2 to 0. During the entire qualifier, LucifroN did not lose a single game played during the entire 512 player qualifier. In the main event, he lost against TheViper 1:3 in the quarterfinals.


2022-01-22EC5 - 8thA0S-Tier1v1Winter ChampionshipWinter Championship0 : 2Canada Wam01$750
2022-01-16AA1stA0S-TierTeamAoE4 Pro LeagueAoE4 Pro LeagueLos Pollos HermanosLos Pollos HermanosLos Pollos Hermanos4 : 0Beasty and the STRAELBORAAAAASBeasty and the STRAELBORAAAAAS$2,333
2022-01-11EC5 - 8thA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 3Winter Series 31 : 2Canada Hera$100
2022-01-09AG1 - 8thA6QualifierTeamAoE4 Pro League: QualifierAoE4 Pro League: QualifierLos Pollos HermanosLos Pollos HermanosLos Pollos Hermanos2 : 0Team KimchiTeam Kimchi 
2022-01-05BA2ndA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 2Winter Series 21 : 3France MarineLorD$400
2021-12-19EC5 - 8thA0S-Tier1v1SteelSeries Prime CupSteelSeries Prime Cup0 : 2Norway TheViper$750
2021-12-16BA2ndA1A-Tier1v1Winter Series 1Winter Series 12 : 3France MarineLorD$400
2021-11-18AA1stA5Weekly1v1The Sparty Brawl #2The Sparty Brawl #22 : 0Finland Blodir$50
2021-11-13EC5 - 8thA0S-Tier1v1GENESISGENESIS1 : 3Norway TheViper$750
2021-11-06AG1 - 8thA6Qualifier1v1GENESIS QualifierGENESIS Qualifier2 : 0Netherlands Don Artie 
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2022-01-2220:00 UTCA0S-TierWinter ChampionshipWinter Championship0:2Canada Wam01
2022-01-2218:00 UTCA0S-TierWinter ChampionshipWinter Championship2:0Australia Probe
2022-01-2216:30 UTCA0S-TierWinter ChampionshipWinter Championship2:0Taiwan DemonSheep
2022-01-2215:00 UTCA0S-TierWinter ChampionshipWinter Championship2:0Poland HAX
2022-01-1121:30 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 31:2Canada Hera
2022-01-1120:20 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 32:0Taiwan ciamgyic
2022-01-1119:20 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 32:0Netherlands ZGLight
2022-01-1117:00 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 3Winter Series 3W:FFGermany ActionMarc
2022-01-0519:45 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 2Winter Series 21:3France MarineLorDWatch Game 1 Watch Game 2 Watch Game 3 Watch Game 4
2022-01-0518:10 UTCA1A-TierWinter Series 2Winter Series 22:1Netherlands Don ArtieWatch Game 1 Watch Game 2 Watch Game 3
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]


  • Played Orc in Warcraft III.
  • Played Terran in StarCraft II.
  • Played Tank Role in Heroes of the Storm.
  • He studied Computer Science.
  • He is the brother of VortiX.
  • Ranked first on the AoEIV closed beta ladder.

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