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Approx. Total Winnings:
Age of Empires II
Age of Empires IV
: 2009-??-??
: 2021-05-08

mYinsanity is the largest and most successful eSports organization in Switzerland with professional gamers competing in several scenes. mYinsanity has its roots in the German and Swiss Counter-Strike:Source and Call of Duty 4 scene. Since 2009 the team has been working hard to grow, and what started as a clan for friends transformed into a professional eSport team. To provide a successful practice environment for the pro-gamers mYisanity set up a gaming house near Bern, Switzerland. Over the years, mYinsanity transitioned from a team focused on the Swiss and German scene, into an international organisation with players from around the world for a variety of eSport titles including StarCraft II, League of Legends and DotA 2.


In May 8th 2021 the organization announced the foundation of its Age of Empires division and shortly after fielded a team for the main event of Empire Wars Duo 2. TheMista was added to the team after he finished second in the AoE4 tournament GENESIS.

In 2022, Sitaux, Margougou, and Annotoph began playing team games together under the name Deceptive Baguettes, and they made the semifinals of Return of the Clans, upsetting Suomi in the quarterfinals. Margougou and Annotoph were added to mYinsanity officially, and the team finished second in Terra Nova Duos and in the top 12 in Battle of Africa 3. In October 2022, Sitaux, Daniel, and TheMista all qualified for Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 in their respective games, and TheMista finished second.


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Content Creators
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Canada Ellie4K (Content creator)
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IDNamePositionJoin Date
Switzerland Bulletchen
Micha Nestler
AoE Manager
Join Date: 
Switzerland ScooTer
Head of Management
Join Date: 
Switzerland dos
General Manager
Join Date: 
Switzerland eduism
Athlete Manager
Join Date: 
Switzerland daehiise
Content Team Member
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