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Civilization Information
First introduced:
Eastern European
Cavalry civilization
Unique units:
Unique technologies:

The Magyars are an Age of Empires II civilisation.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games that have VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2024-02-1821:00 UTCCopa México 2024: ShowmatchAcropolis1v1Gabi Brazil MagyarsGUKIMongols Mexico GUKIWatch VOD (G4)
2024-02-1114:10 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierSlopes1v1st4rk Brazil MagyarsGanjiKhmer Sweden GanjiWatch VOD (G2)
2024-02-1016:15 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierSlopes1v1Barles Poland Magyarsst4rkSaracens Brazil st4rkWatch VOD (G1)
2024-02-1014:10 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierMudflow1v1Hearttt Peru MagyarsTaToHByzantines Spain TaToHWatch VOD (G1)
2024-02-0417:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierMudflow1v1Capoch Argentina MagyarsTheMbLMayans Norway TheMbLWatch VOD (G3)
2024-02-0415:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierSlopes1v1Barles Poland MagyarsDanielHindustanis United States DanielWatch VOD (G4)
2024-01-2919:00 UTCHidden Cup V: QualifierMudflow1v1Sobek Chile MagyarsmiguelFranks Brazil miguelWatch VOD (G4)
2024-01-1021:10 UTCNili's Apartment Cup VDesert Void1v1ACCM Vietnam MagyarsDauTHindustanis Serbia DauTWatch VOD (G1)
2024-01-1016:30 UTCNili's Apartment Cup VDesert Void1v1JorDan_AoE Germany MagyarsTaToHGurjaras Spain TaToHWatch VOD (G2)
2024-01-0820:50 UTCNili's Apartment Cup VDesert Void1v1Hera Canada MagyarsJorDan_AoESlavs Germany JorDan_AoEWatch VOD (G2)