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Civilization Information
First introduced:
Southeast Asian
Naval civilization
Unique units:
Unique technologies:

The Malay are an Age of Empires II civilisation.

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games that have VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-03-1917:00 UTCNili's Apartment Cup IVGolden Swamp1v1Liereyy Austria MalayHeraBritons Canada HeraWatch VOD (G4)
2023-03-1816:30 UTCNili's Apartment Cup IVGolden Lakes1v1TheViper Norway MalayLiereyyItalians Austria LiereyyWatch VOD (G3)
2023-03-1715:10 UTCNili's Apartment Cup IVKawasan1v1TaToH Spain MalayYoMalians China YoWatch VOD (G5)
2023-03-1619:00 UTCNili's Apartment Cup IVGolden Lakes1v1Vinchester Russia MalayTheViperItalians Norway TheViperWatch VOD (G2)
2023-03-1419:00 UTCNations Cup 2023: Group StageHideout4v4dogao Brazil Chinese
miguel Brazil Khmer
GoKu Brazil Hindustanis
F1Re Brazil Malay
TerzBritons Germany Terz
Gurjaras Germany Acro17
Slavs Germany Madtomski
Saracens Germany Django
Watch VOD (G1)
2023-03-1417:20 UTCNili's Apartment Cup IVFrigid Lake1v1TaToH Spain MalayYoKhmer China YoWatch VOD (G2)
2023-03-1411:00 UTCNili's Apartment Cup IVGolden Lakes1v1JorDan_AoE Germany MalayNicovByzantines Argentina NicovWatch VOD (G4)
2023-03-1311:00 UTCNili's Apartment Cup IVGolden Swamp1v1Vinchester Russia MalayJorDan_AoEBritons Germany JorDan_AoEWatch VOD (G3)
2023-03-0515:00 UTCNations Cup 2023: Group StageTeam Islands4v4iLLyrian United States Vikings
Daniel United States Sicilians
Inc United States Persians
influ United States Malay
PhilippHJSSaracens Germany PhilippHJS
Turks Germany Annotoph
Burgundians Germany Running
Portuguese Germany Target331
Watch VOD (G1)
2023-03-0420:00 UTCNations Cup 2023: Group StageMigration4v4slam Canada Malay
Hera Canada Burgundians
mentalist Canada Chinese
IamChris Canada Koreans
nanimarenVikings Italy nanimaren
Malians Italy Kamigawa
Italians Italy Shades
Dravidians Italy Rise
Watch VOD (G1)