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DateTimeGTournamentMapModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-12-1717:15 UTCTorneio de Duplas - GTArabia (AoE4)2v2GKS_AOE Brazil Mongols
Wterror Brazil French
GT_KraWzMalians GT_KraWz
Ottomans Portugal mjerticla
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2022-12-1717:00 UTCTorneio de Duplas - GTWetlands (AoE4)2v2UtinOwns Brazil Mongols
LegoWs Brazil English
FeAgeFrench Brazil FeAge
English Brazil bruh
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2022-12-1716:20 UTCTorneio de Duplas - GTArabia (AoE4)2v2FeAge Brazil Mongols
bruh Brazil Chinese
refutnaPEnglish refutnaP
Delhi Sultanate CafeDaNoite2281
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2022-12-1115:00 UTCWinter Team ChampionshipWetlands (AoE4)2v21puppypaw Canada Mongols
Kasva Turkey English
BeastyqtMalians Serbia Beastyqt
Ottomans United Kingdom DeMusliM
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2022-12-1115:00 UTCWinter Team ChampionshipGolden Heights3v3DeMusliM United Kingdom Malians
MarineLorD France French
Beastyqt Serbia Mongols
KasvaEnglish Turkey Kasva
Malians Canada Wam01
Holy Roman Empire Canada 1puppypaw
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2022-12-1115:00 UTCWinter Team ChampionshipArabia (AoE4)2v2Kasva Turkey French
Wam01 Canada Mongols
BeastyqtDelhi Sultanate Serbia Beastyqt
English France MarineLorD
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2022-12-0418:00 UTCWinter Team ChampionshipPrairie (AoE4)2v2Beastyqt Serbia Mongols
MarineLorD France English
LucifroN7French Spain LucifroN7
Mongols Spain VortiX
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2022-12-0418:00 UTCWinter Team ChampionshipCoastal (AoE4)3v3VortiX Spain Mongols
TheMista Greece Abbasid Dynasty
LucifroN7 Spain Chinese
DeMusliMChinese United Kingdom DeMusliM
Rus France MarineLorD
Abbasid Dynasty Serbia Beastyqt
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2022-12-0418:00 UTCWinter Team ChampionshipThe Pit3v3MarineLorD France French
DeMusliM United Kingdom Ottomans
Beastyqt Serbia Mongols
VortiXHoly Roman Empire Spain VortiX
Malians Greece TheMista
Delhi Sultanate Spain LucifroN7
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2022-12-0415:00 UTCWinter Team ChampionshipWetlands (AoE4)2v2Kasva Turkey French
Wam01 Canada Mongols
loueMTOttomans China loueMT
Mongols China neptune
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The Mongols are an agile civilization, excelling in hit-and-run military strategies and capable of expanding armies rapidly.

The Mongols civilization in Age of Empires IV are extremely capable in hit-and-run strategies, thanks to their exceptional mobility and nomadic nature originating in the Great Steppes of Central Asia. You witness the Mongols through the Ages, spanning from 1000-1500 CE, as a disciplined civilization, recognized for changing history in connecting the East to the West.

In Age IV, the Mongols are known for their unique structure and are at their most powerful when playing to their strengths in tight groups. They speak Mongolian—the most widely spoken of the Mongolic languages.

The Mongols civilization is a fearsome force. Because of their high mobility, one may not meet them in massive throngs—but even in small numbers, their army can outmaneuver enemies with ease. Their aggressive military production capabilities force the opponent to be on the defensive early.

The Mongols are a nomadic civilization with the ability to move their bases. Combined with early access to cavalry units and speed granted from Outposts, the Mongols reign supreme in flanking enemies and retreating quickly before enemies have a chance to catch up.

They build up their economy with unique buildings, like the stone-mining Ovoo. The Mongols’ need for resources for their army can trigger a dramatic battle for resources as they pursue total domination. [1]


Unique Units[edit]

  • Khan: The Khan is a unique horse archer unit. His Signal Arrow ability supports and strengthens the Mongol army, making him a fearsome foe.
  • Mangudai: The Mangudai are the star of the Mongols’ fearsome military, a supreme horse archer that excels at hit-and-run tactics.


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