Oasis (AoM)

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Most of the wood lies in 1 to 4 oases in the center. Build walls to the center to stop enemy incursions.
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Ensemble Studios
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Oasis is an Age of Mythology map.

Recent Games[edit]

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DateTimeGTournamentModeOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-05-2813:00 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1MaxTrain United Kingdom KronosKvothOranos Pakistan Kvoth
2023-05-2721:45 UTCAoM EE DM Revival Cup #11v1TIGERBOSS Turkey ZeusQuetzOdin Mexico Quetz
2023-05-2618:00 UTCEE Hidden Cup II1v1JohnArbiter117 ThorBamHades Bam
2023-05-2617:00 UTCEE Hidden Cup II1v1bonquiqui OdinestimOranos estim
2023-05-2617:00 UTCEE Hidden Cup II1v1LordFondleMeLightly ThorFerzaUndefeatedShennong FerzaUndefeated
2023-05-1516:00 UTCThe Wisdom of Thoth1v1Imenanigi OdinNullusRa Russia Nullus
2023-05-0617:00 UTCMeta Plays Showmatch: LEGEND vs WesternLong1v1WesternLong Portugal OranosLEGENDIsis Morocco LEGEND
2023-04-0115:00 UTCThe Golden Gift1v1HUSKSUPPE Denmark LokiSheltyKronos United Kingdom Shelty
2023-04-01The Golden Gift1v1Shadowfaxx United Kingdom RaHUSKSUPPELoki Denmark HUSKSUPPE
2023-03-1221:00 UTCThe Golden Gift: Qualifier 31v1matreiuss Italy HadesKimoOranos France KimoWatch VOD (G1)