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Highlighted Age of Empires Players[edit]

Age of Empires 2[edit]

The following players are generally considered to be the best as of 2021:

  • Canada Hera - Known as one of the fastest players in the scene, he used to use an extremely aggressive micro-oriented style, but his rise to the top coincided with a change in style which has led to him being regarded as the best defensive player in the game. Hera is particularly notable for his cavalry play, especially his famous Hussar spam, and this, along with his clean macro, led him to victory in Hidden Cup 4 and Holy Cup, as well as to second place in Red Bull Wololo 4. Hera currently plays for Aftermath.
  • Norway TheViper - The most well known player in the Age of Empires 2 community, having won more tournaments than any other player in history. His streak of absolute dominance began in 2013, but came to an end in 2020. However, he is still undeniably a force to be reckoned with, using his well balanced macro, micro, and strategic skills to win Red Bull Wololo 5 and take top 4 in Hidden Cup 4, Red Bull Wololo 4, and Holy Cup. Viper currently plays for Gamer Legion.
  • Serbia DauT - DauT has been playing competitive Age of Empires 2 since 2002, taking few breaks in the past 19 years. Despite being a bit slower than some of the younger players, he more than makes up for it with his superb macro and creative strategies. While he is often prone to overestimating his chances, that same confidence and his unparalleled experience make him utterly unflappable under pressure. After winning Red Bull Wololo 3, he also took top 4 in Holy Cup. DauT currently plays for Gamer Legion.
  • Germany JorDan_AoE - During TheViper's rise to prominence, JorDan stood as his greatest rival; they traded sets back and forth against each other, eventually culminating in a set of 101 consecutive games against each other in 2015, which TheViper won 53-48. JorDan retired shortly after, though he sporadically appeared in events after 2017, until he committed to a full time return in 2020. Since then, he's taken second place in Hidden Cup 4, and achieved top 4 finishes in The Open Classic and Red Bull Wololo 5. JorDan currently plays for Gamer Legion.
  • China Mr_Yo - Considered the best Chinese Age of Empires 2 player for years and known for his masterful planning, attentive map control, and excellent late-game awareness, Yo's style of aggressive play brings to mind a surgeon, and he particularly excels in non-standard settings. This technical play earned him a win in The Open Classic, and top 4 finishes in King of the Desert 3 and Hidden Cup 4. He currently plays for White Wolf Palace.

Player Statistics[edit]

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