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Age of Empires II

QuEnDi is a team focussing especially on the Deathmatch game mode for Age of Empires II.


Originally founded in 2002, QuEnDi has now become a well-known Deathmatch team in Age of Empires II being the home for several of the top Deathmatch players.

At the end of 2020, QuEnDi (A) - teaming up with Improvise and Nili_AoE - won the Deathmatch tournament Winter's War.


  • Foundation of QuEnDi.
  • September 1st - True joins.
  • April 29th - kelar joins.
  • May 4th - BruH joins.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
United States True Kellan 2005-09-01
United States uNLeAsHeD__ Austin 2015
United Kingdom I2aGe Wayne 2014
Canada PaladiNz Saïd 2020
United States cortical_ Jamal 2020
Pakistan _zaryab_ Muhammad Zaryab 2017
United States ffavorite_1 2007
United States L3af 2006
Austria Clemensor Clemens 2020
Germany kelar 2021-04-29
Brazil BruH Bruno 2021-05-04


2021-07-24CA3rdA2B-TierReal Crown TournamentReal Crown Tournament3 : 4SuperNovaSuperNova$54
2020-12-20AA1stA1A-TierWinter's WarWinter's WarQuEnDi A5 : 4CodefinCodefin$720
2018-04-07DA4thA1A-TierThe Legacy Cup IIThe Legacy Cup IIQuEnDi A0 : 5TsubenstockTsubenstock$69
2018-04-07CA3rdA1A-TierThe Legacy Cup IIThe Legacy Cup IIQuEndi B3 : 5TsubenstockTsubenstock$94
2018-04-07GA7 - 8thA1A-TierThe Legacy Cup IIThe Legacy Cup IIQuEndi CBunk BustersBunk Busters 
2017-03-06BA2ndA1A-TierThe Legacy Cup (I)The Legacy Cup (I)QuEnDi A2 : 5TsunamiTsunami$200
2016-01-28AA1stA1A-TierThe UprisingThe UprisingQuEnDi A$615
2016-01-28CA3rdA1A-TierThe UprisingThe UprisingQuEndi C$369
2016-01-28HA8thA1A-TierThe UprisingThe UprisingQuEndi B$41
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2021-08-16BA2ndA1A-TierAge of Empires IIVisible Cup 4Visible Cup 4bruh Brazil1 : 4France Babaorum$400
2021-05-08EA5 - 6thA0S-TierAge of Empires IIDeath Match World Cup 4Death Match World Cup 4BruH Brazil1 : 4Turkey TheCode$500
2021-05-08AA1stA2B-TierAge of Empires IIMicro MastersMicro Mastersbruh Brazil4 : 2Norway Kellar$300
2021-05-07GA7 - 8thA0S-TierAge of Empires IIDeath Match World Cup 4Death Match World Cup 4True United States1 : 4Spain TaToH$250
2020-08-02AA1stA8Show M.Age of Empires IITheViper vs TrueTheViper vs TrueTrue United States4 : 3Norway TheViper$658
2020-08-01CA3rdA0S-TierAge of Empires IIDeath Match World Cup 3: Gold LeagueDeath Match World Cup 3: Gold LeagueTrue United States3 : 5Turkey TheCode$1,500
2020-07-19EA5 - 6thA0S-TierAge of Empires IIDeath Match World Cup 3: Gold LeagueDeath Match World Cup 3: Gold LeagueuNLeAsHeD__ United States- : WSpain TaToH$500
2019-11-10AA1stA2B-TierAge of Empires IIThe Goodbye HD TournamentThe Goodbye HD TournamentOriginal Pakistan3 : 0Germany Nili_AoE$150
2019-10-06CA3rdA1A-TierAge of Empires IIDeath Match World Cup 2: Gold LeagueDeath Match World Cup 2: Gold LeagueTrue United States2 : 5Turkey TheCode$300
2016-07-13AA1stA1A-TierAge of Empires IIDeath Match World Cup: Gold CupDeath Match World Cup: Gold CupTrue United States6 : 1Jidba$1,000
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