Random Map

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Random Map (RM) is the most common game mode in Age of Empires II, in which the played map is generated randomly by the game. The general composition of the played map depends on the picked map type (= "map name"), but, however, the exact location of the players, the distribution of resources, the generation of water etc, can vary significantly from game to game. Which map type is played, is either chosen by the players themselves (= by the host of the lobby, or, in Definitive Edition, it depends on the banned and preferred maps in the ranked queue) or is picked randomly from a certain pool of maps by the game.

RM: Map pool[edit]

With each expansion, new maps were added to the Age of Empires II Random Map map pool.

The Age of Kings (14) The Conquerors (18) The Forgotten (12) The African Kingdoms (24) Rise of the Rajas (14) The Last Khans (16)